The Top Web Design Apps You Can Use Right Now

Some years ago people did not even consider the possibility of performing web design tasks on a mobile device but it was only a question of time until this would be a reality as apps are developing really fast and are taking advantage of the technological advancements we see in mobile gadgets. While you would need to use modern and new devices like the iPhone 6 16GB from iiNet to take full advantage of the apps, here are some of those applications you will want to seriously consider downloading.

Adobe Comp CC

Adobe has been setting standards in design for years now and moving to tablet applications was a clear step in evolution. Adobe Comp CC manages to bring in opportunities for those that want to create layouts right on the iPad or iPhone while using just fingers. Using Comp CC basically means that you transform the regular drawing that you do on paper into high quality graphics. As expected, the app also includes the possibility to include varying text styles, images, vectors and colors. What is interesting is the fact tat you can pull various elements automatically from the Creative Cloud Library account you have and various fonts that are perfect for all projects directly from Typekit.

Web Design Apps


This is an app that works on Mac and stands out because of the simplicity that is offered. The app will bring complete simplicity to creating static websites that are high quality and modern. You have no need to know any HTML or PHP programming since everything is based on blocs, working in a similar way to what you find in the desktop tools created to help people design websites.


Codepen enjoys quite a high popularity and has a user community that is very active. This app is to be used mainly by front end developers. You can use the application in order to explored the advanced techniques that are coded with the use of full editable source code and you can easily showcase all the work that is done.

Affinity Designer

If you often work with vectors, you know that there is a problem that appears on devices that do not have a lot of hardware problem: processing speed. Affinity Designer manages to solve this by making the entire design process smooth and precise while not sacrificing speed. The app is highly recommended for those that do a lot of vector design work.


Most people know Macaw as an image editor but the app does a whole lot more. The image editing flexibility is brought to the web design features included, allowing the user to write HTML with ease and even modify CSS files in seconds. Macaw is a web design app that does manage to set some standards of easiness in use. You do have to consider it if you regularly modify HTML and CSS files.


In the event that you want to create a site that also includes complicated interactions and animations, Pixate is definitely a wonderful opportunity for every single web designer. You can use the app on both Android and iOS.

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