The Top WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using Right Now

WordPress already makes the life of bloggers much easier than it would be otherwise, and the addition of plugins can further simplify site management. WordPress Plugins are software components that can be used to increase the functionality of a site, and many are available for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

In addition to the free options, there are also lots of premium plugins available to bloggers, which can help them design an even better money making blog.

Ultimately, almost anything you might think your site needs can be added through the integration of a plugin.

Below are some of the best 2016 WordPress plugins you should probably consider for your blog.


Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO Plugin is outstanding, and it helps bloggers easily and efficiently create better content and optimize their entire site.

WordPress is inherently a great blogging platform in terms of SEO, and Yoast only improves on its already impressive abilities. Yoast is a comprehensive SEO tool that lets users choose focus keywords when writing blogs.

There are also unique options to see previews of what your page will look like when it shows up in search engines, and the Page Analysis tool will make sure you have all the other necessary components of good SEO. This includes length optimization of your post, an analysis of subheadings, and review of your meta titles and descriptions.

Securi Security

In today’s cyber environment where threats are lurking just around every corner even for the smallest of businesses and bloggers, security should be a top priority. Securi WordPress Security plugin allows bloggers to keep their site secure without putting in a lot of effort.

This security suite plugin is free to WordPress users and some of the functionalities it provides include security activity audit logging, remote malware scanning, blacklist monitoring and post-hack security actions, among quite a few others.

In a nutshell what Securi does is monitor every aspect of a user’s WordPress page, recording any changes that could signify a potential security issue.

Shortcodes Ultimate

Another free plugin with premium capabilities, Shortcodes Ultimate is one of the leading WordPress plugins with shortcodes so users can quickly and easily create everything from tabs to responsive videos.

Shortcodes Ultimate includes more than 50 available shortcodes and a generator, it’s fully responsive, and there are even options to create customized shortcodes.

This leading WordPress plugin features additional skins and premium add-on shortcodes as an option to users, it’s multilingual, and it works along with any theme.

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is a responsive gallery plugin designed for use with WordPress that lets users create sophisticated yet entirely user-friendly WordPress galleries. Features of this particular plugin include a drag and drop builder, gallery templates, responsive WordPress galleries that work across devices, and photos can be organized in albums, sorted with tags and more.

Envira Gallery also allows users to add social buttons, integrate their site with Pinterest and Instagram, and there’s a WooCommerce integration.

Plugins provide a terrific and often free opportunity for WordPress bloggers to improve every aspect of their site in a way that’s fast, straightforward and effective, particularly the plugins named above.

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