The Ugly Side of Internet of Things (IoT) that You Haven’t Seen Before

Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining popularity in day by day. It generally refers to the variety of objects, devices and equipment, ranging from home devices to the equipment we use at work; that can be connected to the internet. IoT allows these objects to communicate with each other, thus making makes our lives more convenient and comfortable. However, every good thing has a dark side. IoT is not an exception to this.

Mass Surveillance Program

Data generated from the internet is significant to a lot of industries, but as the company’s data grows online,  it is leaving more digital footprints or trail marks. Expert hackers can easily use these to monitor your presence and whereabouts. IoT makes it easier for cybercriminals to do this. Company and consumer privacy become a major concern as their personal data, and industrial secrets are exposed.


With IoT, it will also be possible for hackers to spy on us in the comfort of our own houses. You could stop this thing from happening if you sign up with as they have employed full security features.

Disasters Here, There and Everywhere

Internet of Things might cause more disaster stories soon. The ability to remotely access and control devices and equipment might bring about more threats to human life.

Environmental Concerns

The rapid increase in the quantity of electronic devices poses concerns on the environment as more technological waste is created. As devices are made from highly toxic synthetic chemicals, their disposal is of great concern. Recycling becomes complicated.

Cost of Living Shoots Up Uncontrollably

Things that are connected with IoT will surely be expensive. There’s no doubt that owning them will improve your lifestyle and increase your yearly expenses. After all, if you want “smarter” devices, you ought to be ready to spend more money.

Security Becomes a Real Issue

It would be hard to monitor the security of all devices connected to the Internet. There are some of them that fail to consider taking extreme precautions and safety measures. The open market makes it easy for criminals to target vulnerable and unprotected devices. Cyber attacks are an increasing danger. More and more devices can be used to bug and hack other sites for the criminals’ own delight.

For instance, in the medical field, when the wireless devices and equipment are hacked, killing patients through changing important information in the database would be a lot easier.  Carjacking becomes uncomplicated. Not only that, but nuclear bomb reserves would also be a real target.

Growing Cryptocurrency Attacks

Cybercriminals will gain more control in exploiting people’s digital wallets. They can gain access to the entire monetary system in the world.


Internet of Things (IoT) might be of great help, but if not extremely secured and protected, threats, hacks and disasters may happen, ranging from a personal to the global level. Humanity may face its worst days anytime soon. Thus, it pays to identify the possible risks and stop them on their tracks.

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