Things to consider when developing a website

Starting a business? Well done! Apart from conquering the initial setbacks such as seed funding, accounting systems, licenses, permits and everything else, there are more crucial steps to be taken to establish your business. Developing a website is one of those.

The first step in developing a website would be choosing a web address that is apt for your company. There are several pointers to be kept in mind, of which the foremost are – keep it simple, small, striking and something that is easy to remember. This is to primarily ensure that it’s a web address that people can easily remember on a whim. Selecting the domain name extension .com is most advised, because users generally assume any web address to end so. But if your target audience is restricted to a local area, other extensions like .de for the German market,,, .org, etc. can also be used.

Usages of keywords while adding the name of your business can prove to be extremely helpful from an SEO perspective. It can help you reach out to a greater audience, but yes, the keyword usage in your website content, the metadata and its optimization also take credence here. It is also advised to avoid the usage of numbers, hyphens and other characters in your web address, or the usage of uncommon spellings for the typical terms. All these may hamper your users from memorizing your website address effectively.

But first and foremost, do not wait to act! Domain names sell like hot cakes. Once you decide on the perfect web address for your company, make the purchase. Don’t let anyone keep your business from taking that first step in creating a significant entry into the online world!

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