Things you shouldn’t do on Instagram if you want to have success

Instagram is a highly popular service that allows those which partake  to share photos with their friends and family, but also discover and make friends with new people. While all similar services are enticing and very popular at the moment among many generations Instagram comes with a smidgeon of extra love from the community due to the fact that it provides some of the simplest yet effective solutions for something that many, in this day and age, want to do: share photos. The ways in which sharing photos is made possible has driven many to crave popularity on the platform and even wanting to buy Instagram likes.

However, in their attempt to reach a certain amount of fame on Instagram, many users might lose their way in the sense that they start to overlook certain things that they should especially try and keep track of, actually. That being said, here are some of the things that you should stay clear of, if you want to prosper on Instagram and build a long lasting image for yourself.


It might be tempting to believe that the more pictures you send to your followers, the more success you will in fact have on Instagram. However, that is only partially true because you also need to make sure that the content you are putting out is of actual good quality. By just sending everyone really bad photos, you are only creating a poor image for yourself and you will be met with appropriate feedback. This is a crucial part of gaining Instagram success.

No filters

Sending all your pictures to your entire list of followers can be a bad idea. While it might be alright and not make a difference on regular pictures, doing so with pictures that are more focused on a specific audience rather than generalized can have a harmful impact on your reputation on Instagram simply due to the fact that not everyone will enjoy your photos If you send them things that wasn’t intended for them in the first place. Having some filters between you and the people you are sharing to will definitely improve your chances of not offending anyone or making someone lose interest in your account.

Bad promotion

It is common to find people sharing their Instagram handles online, but many do not realize that sharing this information in the wrong place can turn entire blocks of the community off to their account, simply because it gets associated with the place where you promoted yourself. Therefore, it is very important to watch out on the comment section of what website you decide to drop your Instagram handle and ask for a follow, as it could either boost you greatly or do quite the opposite for your account.

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