Top 4 Questions to Ask When Looking for a White Label SEO Reseller

Now that you have already made up your mind that you want to hire a white label SEO Company, it is time to dig deeper and understand what to expect from them. You should do some homework first before settling on a particular service provider as this will help you if they are worthy or not. What do you look for when selecting a White label SEO Company? Let look at the top questions that you should ask the SEO reseller to ensure that you are not missing out on anything.

What is their SEO approach to improving SEO ranking 

The primary reason why digital marketers invest in SEO is to improve their ranking, which in return helps in increasing their brand awareness. You should ensure that the SEO reseller you choose can offer you services that will help you accomplish that for your customers. They should have a long term plan since improved ranking is not something that happens overnight. It requires an array of work, so if the company say that they can give results in about 30 days, you should rethink your decision. It involves lots of content creating, link building, and keyword matching, and this is not something that can be achieved in a matter of ten or 30 days. Ensure that the time plan is reasonable.

Do they include content marketing in their SEO strategies?

If you get answers such as they do not do content marketing or their strategies do not focus on content creation,  that should be a red flag, and you should reconsider. Although good content is not the only aspect that defines SEO, it should be a huge part of the digital marketing campaign, and you should, therefore, consider a white label SEO reseller that understands all about content creation. They should at least understand what makes high-quality content and what to avoid.

How do they track results?

You cannot run a successful marketing campaign if you cannot measure the progress and results. The white label SEO Company should have an effective strategy to measure and track the results. Firms have different ways of doing so, and while some focus on SEO ranking to track results, others focus on bringing leads to client businesses. The best kind will depend on precisely what you are looking for. The definition of progress and results will differ from firm to firm, and you should, therefore, invest in looking for a company whose goals match those of your clients.

How will you communicate with the team?

You need to look for a white label company that you can easily communicate with and get things done at your own pace. You do not want to partner with a company only to realize that them on a different time zone with you. You should look for a white label SEO Company that is on the same page as you and you can easily discuss any issues and changes that you may need to be done.

These are the top four questions that should be on top of your mind, and you will undoubtedly find the right partner to help you offer quality SEO services to your clients.

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