Top Web Design Myths Demystified

Like many other areas, web design is no exception with regard to misleading information circulating about it. Many false notions about effective web design stem from people who know little about the industry or how a website works. Here are some of the top web design myths debunked.

Top Web Design Myths Demystified

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A mobile site isn’t necessary

Even if your website has been profitable for many years, don’t think this automatically means that you needn’t get your website optimised for mobile use. More and more of us are using mobile devices to search for content online. According to the Guardian 61% of users leave a website and look elsewhere if they don’t see what they’re looking for right away. If you’re not mobile friendly, you can expect to get left behind. And in the Spring of 2015 Google have introduced an algorithm that specifically targets sites that do not have

Local businesses don’t need a website

The old-fashioned notion that local businesses don’t need a website is very much outdated. Even if your customer base is centred within the area where you live, many people still like to find out information via a website about a business even if it is just down the road. If you’re a restaurant, for instance, customers might want to check out your menu online before making a visit, or they may check your site out to find directions.

Social media is a waste of time

If you own a website, avoid forming the opinion that social media is restricted to bored teenagers. Social media can have benefits for every business. According to Forbes 92% of marketers claim that social media is important for their business with 80% indicating their efforts boosted traffic to their websites.

Websites designed for free are fine

Although there are templates online that you can use to design a website for free, if you are a professional business looking to create a good impression, this isn’t a recommended option. It’s worth spending time and money investing in a website designed and put together by experts, like the SEO Gloucester agency, digitel.

Looks are everything

You won’t be able to get away with having a website that scores top marks for aesthetic appeal but zero for usability or functionality. A website needs to look good and work well for it to be a success. It should also be easy to navigate and contain information that is useful and relevant to its target audience.

Once you’ve got a website, you don’t need to change it

Technology does not stand still and in age where people are increasingly using different devices to view websites, you cannot rely on keeping your website the same as it was when it was first set up. Successful businesses will need to adapt their websites to make sure they take into account changes in technology, and they should also make sure they react to search engine optimisation methods to make the most of opportunities to boost rankings to their site. Stale content on a website will also not do your site any justice, so keep refreshing what you publish online and do not allow your website to stand still.

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