Types of Roulette Game

We can find the roulette game everywhere. This game is a must in casinos or online. It has been launched in the 18th century and until now it is considered as the most famous and demanding game. But, did you know that we have three different kinds of roulette? The American, European and French. Let’s have a close look at what suits you the best.

The American Roulette

This is quite common in casinos, especially in the US. It was launched in America in the 18th century. What makes it unique is that it has an addition to a 00 pocket. This increases the house advantage as there’s more room of winning. The chances of winning are 1-38. The numbers from 1 to 38 are black and white in colour. As for 0 and 00, they are green. The player needs to predict which number pocket the ball is going to be in. And if the ball lands on a number, the player having the number gets paid. Each player gets a different colour chip to avoid confusion. The advantage of the house is the single number bets which are 5.26%.

European Roulette

This might be the favorite of most roulette players. Since it was invented in France, this roulette is considered as the most traditional one. The wheel is from 0 to 36. What’s more impressive is that the chances of winning are higher than the American roulette. Yet, the house edge is 2.7 percent.

This intense game is divided into two colours; black and white. As for 0, it’s green. Another good thing about this game is that players are allowed to pay the person who spins the wheel. And to start the ball from a specific spot.

Let’s go French

In the 17th century, the French launched this game. It is played with numbers ranging from 1 to 36, the same as the European roulette. Yet, unlike the European roulette, it has some special rules. ‘En prison’ enables the player to make an even-money bet on red/ black. This can make them take back their bet or leave their bet for the next spin. And the ball needs to land on zero. Moving on, the other special rule is the ‘La Partage’, this is like a win- win situation. Players receive half of their cash back on even- money if the ball lands on zero. The house edge is up to 2.70%, and this is just for single number bets. Yet, it drops to 1.35% when the special rules are up.

Roulette is not just spinning a ball. It’s more than that! Would you like to know more about the history of roulettes? Surely, the history of roulette does not end here! There are games available on the site to ensure you get a clear picture of where roulette comes from and how it’s played. You’ll also find different kinds of roulette. Head to casino.luckyvip.com to have the tricks and tips of roulette. Who knows you might be the best in the house!

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