Understanding the strategies of Forex Trading

Foreign exchange market entails over the counter (OTC) currency conversion. It is called forex trading as it involves trading of currencies. People make a living out of forex trading but you need to maintain consistency in order to survive in the market. Understanding the foreign exchange market can be a tiresome task as it requires a lot of brainstorming. And one needs to understand the strategies of the foreign exchange market in order to maximise their profit. Forex trading is not an easy way to make money, it has a very rocky terrain and is filled with riches and penury. To read about the strategies of Forex trading in details, open this link -> https://admiralmarkets.de/wissen/articles/forex-strategy/langfristige-forex-trading-strategien

Act for Foreign Exchange Market

Certain rules and guidelines have been defined in every country by their government for foreign exchange market. Foreign trading has to happen as per these guidelines. For instance, in India, Foreign Exchange Management Act has been established by Parliament of India to orderly maintain the market of forex trading. This laws have been established in every nation with consideration to the World Trade Organisation (WTO). With the emergence of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, came another act known as for preventing Money Laundering. As money laundering became a common problem with increasing trading in every sector. Money Laundering is the major cause of corruption.

Position Traders

Position traders are said to be some of the most successful traders as they invest long term in Foreign exchange market. Position trading means to keep investing in the market for a long term. Basically to keep a foot in the market always. It is a strategy opted by many for gaining maximised profits. To become a position trader, one needs to understand and analyse the current trends of the market. Observe the big time traders in the market, notice the pattern followed by them and then invest accordingly. One needs to draw inferences from their paradigms. Keenly observe the events, be it political or any other, which will affect the current value of the currency in the market. There is a possibility that the market might shift in the paradigm that you are expecting it to.

This is how the positions trading helps the investor. Position traders have to always take geopolitical factors into consideration before finalising any decision. For instance, you are trading in IND/USD, then you have to be updated with the news in India as well as United States. As both the countries will be affecting your trading regime. Potential losses are as necessary as potential gains in forex trading because they make you more experienced in the field. You come to the realisation that trading doesn’t work well with emotions, you have to utilise your psychological skills to maximum. The strategy is not to be tempered with even if you have a gut feeling you should be doing so. Profits and loses go hand in hand in forex trading. How you deal with them matters a lot. One has to keep their head in the right place, during both profits and losses.

Few policies to remember while trading

When you are trading currencies, try not to trade large amounts as it can be a little too big risk to take. And you always need to have backup, some margin should always be there. Having some margin available in your account is a safekeeping measure, which is not to be skipped. The market can fluctuate at any rate, it may fluctuate few hundred pips a day more or less. So, one should have some margin available in their trading account. Swap refers to buying and selling same amount of currency. Swaps are to be considered in foreign trading. While trading, there is a possibility that the swap might turn out to be positive or negative. It is negative generally. Having a margin available in your trading account will be your safest route out of the dilemma. And the last thing to remember is you will not be able to reach your profit goals maximum times as the market is uncertain. Keeping your cool in such situations is the policy expected to be opted by all.

The daily charts

The daily charts update the investors with new trends and the current situation of the market. It gives a more accurate, elaborated view of the market’s price action. It provides information about setups that are worth trading, investing in which trades will help make consistent money. Reading the daily charts, you can realise which trades needs to be filtered and are less reliable. The daily charts will be your primary source of information. These charts will help you realise when it is the perfect scenario to invest in the market, investing at which time will help you gain maximum profit.

The foreign exchange market is active 24 hours in a day and 5 days in a week. The market is not active on weekends. Leverages are used by traders and investors in Foreign currency trading. Leverage is basically an amount that is given by the broker to the investor. With the help of leverage, investors increase their gains in currency trading. For instance, an investor who has currently $1000 in his/her forex account can easily make a trade worth $100,000 with 1% margin, condition that they have 100:1 leverage. Similarly, other transactions occur in the market which lead to the ups and downs in the foreign exchange market.

When a person begins investing in the forex trading market, it is expected that they will begin with an amount of $3000 with a risk of 1%. Nearly 8% of the day traders are able to make maximum profits. To start investing in a market, forex trading can turn out to be a fruitful initial step. And positions trading is one of the most efficient strategies used by day traders to learn and stabilize themselves in the foreign exchange market. Many have been lead to the path of success with the policy of positions trading.

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