Using .htaccess in XAMPP on Windows

I googled quiet some time on using custom links for your site on windows using XAMPP. All of them suggested me to uncomment line for ‘mod_rewrite’, set AllowOverride to All. I tried this but it still faced same issue, a 404 error page.

Then I came to one more solution that I tried an bingooo!, it worked like charm. Just to keep note and save some time of other developers , I am putting all steps here . First 2, 3 steps are commonly suggested.

  • Open your apache conf file “httpd.conf” in any editor of your choice.
  • Search “”, you may encounter line as follows –
    #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
  • Remove the comment “#”.
  • Find “AccessFileName” , you may see a line like –
    “AccessFileName ht.acl” change it to “AccessFileName htaccess.txt”.
  • Create “htaccess.txt” in sites root directory.
  • Restart apache

Thats it, you are done!

abu murad
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