Want a Professional Looking Website and Short of Money?

Hiring web designing services to create custom theme for your website can be expensive and cost thousands of dollars. In this digital world we are living, a catchy and professional looking website can be a game changer. As a start-up business owner, managing your finances wisely is at the top of your agenda and at the same time you need that catchy website too. Unless you have a good amount of cash in hand or someone who can invest in your business, you may need to look around for other options to inject some quick money into your venture. A guarantor cash loan could be the easiest option to solve your cash flow issue at the start.  A guarantor loan, as its name indicated, is a type of loan that requires a guarantor. Guarantor refers to a person who guarantees the loan will continue to be repaid by him if the original borrower fails to pay the bill at the deadline. The following are six reasons why you should apply for a guarantor loan instead of a bank loan.

  1. Does Not Require Collateral

A guarantor loan such as the loans provided by Buddy Loans is an unsecured loan that does not require you to use your house or car as security. If you are not stable in your finance, it can be dangerous to apply for a secured loan which is ties to your property as collateral. This type of loan can cause you to lose your property when you are unable to make repayment. In a guarantor loan, the guarantor will bear the responsibility if you are ever late on payment. You can repay your guarantor if he has to help you to pay the bill which makes it safer than secured loan.

  1. People with Unstable Income or Lack Credit History Can Apply

Guarantor loan is generally designed for people who lack credit history or have poor credit score. The loan is suitable for people whose income fluctuates month to month and they are uncertain of their ability to repay of the loan. This includes self employed people who fail to get approved for loans at the bank or young people who not yet have a job with enough income to apply for a loan.

  1. Offer Generous Loan Amount

Guarantor loan offers more loan amount than payday loan lenders and you can borrow up to $7,500. The generous loan amount makes this type of loan handy when you face an emergency situation where you need more than $1,000. It allows people with poor credit history to borrow the traditional way and pay a fixed monthly installment. Because it has a fixed loan term, you’ll know when you will pay off the debt. It is much better than payday loan which has an uncertain repayment term as the balance can be rolled over from month to month as the interest fees accrue.

  1. Fast and Straightforward Loan Application

Applying for the guarantor loan online is most convenient and you can expect to get a call back from them in 1 – 2 days. You will have to enter the information of the proposed guarantor in the online form. There is no need to submit any financial document on your part. The lender will only look at your guarantor’s credit profile. If the guarantor that you find has a steady job and good credit profile, the creditor will quickly approve it and you will be able to get the funds fast.

  1. Lower APR Interest Rate

With a guarantor loan, there is a high chance that you will get lower interest rates aka APR because you are using a guarantor with a good credit profile to get your loan approved.  Lower interest rate will make the monthly payment affordable and allows you to take a shorter time to pay it off.

  1. Easy Approval of Guarantor

The creditor does not have difficult criteria to meet for the guarantor. They will usually approve most of the guarantors in the loan application. Before approving the loan, they will ask your guarantor some questions to confirm the financial information submitted in the application form. Many banks also allow you to get a guarantor for a loan but the problem with bank is that they have long approval process. They will usually take just a few days to review your loan application unlike banks which can delay to many months.

If you know someone that can be a good candidate of your guarantor, you should approach him and describe your intention for him to be your guarantor. You should let your guarantor know how much you want to borrow and the APR interest rate. Besides, you should let them know that they will have to take over the payment if you neglect to make repayment. Your guarantor will have to put down their signature on the agreement in order for the loan to be approved.


In conclusion, guarantor loan is good option for people who can find a guarantor. Many people have asked their friends to be their guarantors. If you know someone in the family with good income, you can also ask that person to become your guarantor.

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