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Web Design – A New Way Of Doing Things

The world of web design is changing. Gone are the days when a web designer could simply produce a web site for you and then walk away. Clients who want a website for their business are not looking to be web masters. They want a web design that simply works to let people know that their services exist and hopefully generate new clients.

To have a website that really does the job, you need to understand how to make it profitable and worthwhile. A digital calling card type site that merely announces your name and contact information has a place but that is just a start.
A website should be there to be seen by as many people as possible – to generate new clients, perhaps sell product online and to inform the masses. A good, robust web design that is web engine friendly, has good on page seo and does not confuse by cluttering the site architecture is what any business needs.

If you are choosing from trusted Chicago website design companies, find one that will not only provide a ‘pretty’ website but who will back up their work with a solid start of marketing the site through Social media channels, Web 2.0 properties and general effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) both on and off-page.

Make sure that you get a Web Designer that offers this inclusive, at least for the start of your life on the Web. Think of a website as a new car on the showroom floor. You need the keys to go someplace. If your web design company simply build you a website and leave you or charge extra for other services to begin with, than they have effectively given you a car without the keys. Good webdesign is just a part of the process.

eCommerce Web Design-Websites as Storefronts

Key Tips To Consider

>An eCommerce web design will provide the owner with a veritable web storefront. Oddly, not many people consider the deep divide between eCommerce websites and the bricks and mortar store.

In a physical store, you open the doors and hope that a customer walks in. Normally, the behavior of the customer is all about browsing – looking at the products on offer, taking those that interest them and inspecting them carefully. If they like what they see, usually the next thing they do is have a look at the price. All going well, they like both the product and the price and come across to the cash register. Deal done!

However, if you’ll be using a website as your store front and sell your products online then you need to make sure that your website is enabled with an eCommerce web design.There are a few key things you need to have in place to have a better chance of success

o You will need to offer a good amount of content material and in-depth description of product such as dimensions, colors, sizes and side by side comparisons with many other equivalent products. Your content should permit the customer to select an item, have an obvious pricing as well as a quote on any shipping costs of the merchandise.

o On completion of any transaction, your customer should obtain the purchase number, and/or invoice verification via email.

o Try and offer your customers a choice of shipping methods. This broadens the scope of clientele who will be prepared to purchase an item if the shipping options are appealing.

o It is vital to inform the buyer that the item is in stock or shipped against order. Preferably, you need to have an email contact or live help in the event the purchaser has got a query. Above all it’s essential to respond immediately! Should you decide to offer a Live Chat or Help Desk as an added service to your clients than specialized software’s are for sale to purchase.

o Be certain your customer support links are visible and clearly marked, so that your client won’t have to explore your entire site for the information they are looking for.

o Furnish an ‘About Us’ section or even a section about your policies. Your client needs to feel secure in doing business with you and Google along with the other search engines are very strict on seeing a Privacy Policy and About Us Section.

o For Digital sales it is practically expected that you have a money-back guarantee offered

o Customer testimonials are another way of conveying trust in your website and the products you have on offer. Normally a sidebar with excerpts of testimonials is a good practice.

o You probably want to have customer quotes and references on the storefront page, as well, to let your prospective client know that others are happy with your service An FAQ page is important. Deal with the most commonly asked questions about your service or product so you can save the site visitor the hassle of contacting you. Also, a bounce rate (visitors quickly switching away from your site) is avoided when you answer questions they may have.

o Provide an FAQ with information about your return-back policies, guarantees, shipping prices and insurance charges if any.

o An opt in box for your clients to subscribe to your newsletter or catalog is a great idea for building a relationship with your clientele and for creating future business.

o At all costs – avoid presenting products that are marked sold or trying to entice future visits with coming soon. Unless your website is under construction this is the only time you should advise of forthcoming features.

o Make sure that you regularly update your website. From an SEO point of view, one of the surest ways to lose rankings in the search engines is to have a dormant site. Freshen up on a regular basis and you will see much more returning visitors.

o Unless your offers are time-sensitive, try and avoid dating your entries. There is no bigger turnoff than seeing an offer that is weeks or months old.

As they say, perception is everything. Your goal for your e-commerce site should be to make it appealing, fresh, easily navigable, convey that your business is trustworthy and backed by excellent after sales service. If you get these fundamentals right, you might well be on your way to having a successful e-commerce web design site on the Web.

Check List for Responsiveness

-Be efficient in your responsive workflow,
-Tackle common content issues in RWD,
-Manage complex responsive interface components,
-Design systems with atomic design process,
-Master advanced SVG techniques,
-Avoid dirty hacks with smart Flexbox techniques,
-Build scalable, maintainable CSS layouts,
-Manage web fonts performance issues,
-Implement responsive images today,
-Craft responsive HTML email newsletters,
-Test, maintain and debug responsive sites.
-Make responsive websites fast and snappy,
-Set up a bulletproof performance optimization roadmap,
-Enhance your website with offline features,
-Avoid generic solutions and stay creative with RWD.

What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimization?

A Little Clarity To The Meaning Of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a procedure for picking out the most suitable targeted keywords and key phrases in connection with your website and making certain this ranks your web site highly in search engines. The higher you are ranked, the more traffic and visitors you will get. Simple. Get on page 1 of Google for a search term that has a lot of traffic and you should be making money or getting clients.

When someone looks for particular phrases, with effective SEO, it should return your site as the authority for that search term. For example, if someone is looking for cooking ware and, more specifically, vintage cooking ware which is a product you sold, a good SEO page with that term, supported by various links from other websites to that page would mean that your website would appear for that searcher looking for vintage cooking ware.

The best way to explain the most basic but important elements of search engine optimization would be, for example; you have a page called “Vintage Cooking Ware For The Collector” The term ‘vintage cooking ware’ is your main keyword phrase. This is the phrase that people will search if they are in the market for vintage cooking ware.

With back-linking – i.e various sites linking back to your page with this term or something similar, your site has been given a vote from other websites that this page is the best for information about vintage cooking ware. The search engines will then recognize that your page is an authority on the subject because it has so many of these links (or votes). Together with these links, your page also has relevant content, good value for the reader and enough of the key phrase density (vintage cooking ware mentioned a few times on the page) to be recognized as a page about vintage cookware. That, in a simplistic nutshell, is what SEO really is.

Of course there is a lot more in the methods of SEO however, the goal of search engine optimization remains the same – get your website or web page in front of potential buyers. Many companies specialize in SEO for a substantial fee.

Certainly, if you’re just starting out getting a website designed, it is best to find a web design outfit that will incorporate the SEO service in the price of the design, offering the SEO for an initial period to get you on your way and with a website that is ready to work for the money and clients.

Web Design and Why You Need It

<h3″>Almost Any Business Needs A Website

The internet is a fact of business life, so even small firms need a presence online to hook customers.

A carefully crafted web design will act as your 24/7 salesperson. Sadly, it is a fact that most small businesses are not using the internet for a few reasons:

1. It sounds like too much work
2. The argument is they wish to be a business person and not a webmaster
3. The ‘geekdom’ territory of the Internet is intimidating
4. The costs are prohibitive
5. There are more hidden costs to worry about
6. They consider their business is an offline business – they sell a service not products as in e-commerce.
7. An online strategy takes time, expertise and man hours.

On the face of it, these seem like valid reasons. Worldwide, the percentage of businesses online far outnumbers the businesses off-line – mainly due to these or similar objections. However, analysis and research will show that an increasing amount of people have changes their ways of collecting information and sharing it.

The days of paging through the Yellow Pages have gone%u2026digital research is the most efficient way of doing things. Web Page Design is now key to reaching the consumers who make use of smart phones, Facebook, Twitter and Google (among other search engines) is now the methodology that the new digital world finds information.

If you own a plumbing firm, have a local hair salon or hardware store, it no longer matters how ‘bricks and mortar’ your business is, you need a web presence. If you are in a large town or sit borough, people in these area may be looking for your services. They go on Google and use a search term such as “Plumbers in Brixton” %u2026a list will come up%u2026.generally they will select three or four results that they will then engage.

In the above scenario, if you have a simple website with contact numbers, a contact page with an email quote system, you could be on your way to sealing a deal and getting business you would have lost to your competitors.

With some solid research, a web design company would not be difficult to find that is in your budget, offers a great service and can show some examples of their previous work.
You will be amazed how inexpensive a web site can be and your return on investment could be 100 fold.

And how would you find that web design company – ummm, yup. You’d Google it.

Web Design

The thoughts behind Web Design

The explosion of the internet over the past 20 years has led to the development of one of the newest creative mediums: the website. Web designers have adapted through the technological developments of html, CSS, Flash, and JavaScript, and have mastered the balance between creativity and usability. Now with the advance of mobile, the greatest websites have taken user experience and responsive design to the next level, and continue our evolution from print to a digital world.digital world.

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