What Are The Colors That Will Attract Paying Customers To Your Store Or Website?

One of the most important decisions you will make when thinking about building any website that has the aim of generating money is related to design. Choosing colors for your website is incredibly important. Marketing material visual presentation can be a huge turn on or a vital turn off for the potential customers. For a website this is just as important as for paper design (newsletters or flyers).

The major corporations are actually spending billions right now with the purpose of conducting color market research. This is especially true in packaging and product development. According to the research done, people instantly make subconscious judgments about products and environments in just 90 seconds of viewing anything. Most of the assessment will be based solely on color.

The Used Color

Used color is going to affect future click through rate on a website. It keeps people involved and dictates the length of stay. Also, colors are going to influence behavior and response. Generally speaking, as an example, if the background is black, it is normally associated to a sex related website in the mind of the viewer.

When you visit large corporate sites you will notice the result of the above mentioned research. For instance, when looking at eBay, search pages feature pale yellow. This inspires happiness and warmth. That perfectly matches current marketing strategies used by the company. General Motors now uses blue, which implies reliability and trust.

Choosing The Right Colors

Knowing as much as possible about target audience is vital since different classes, genders and cultures will have different preferences, attitudes and reactions in regards to color. We can say the following:

  • Cultural Differences – Colors will have various meanings based on culture. As a simple example, in the Eastern countries white is associated with funerals while in Western countries white is associated with weddings. Also, creating a site for a car accident lawyer Baton Rouge practice needs to focus on what people in Baton Rouge expect from such a site.
  • Class Differences – In the US it was shown that the working class prefers simple colors like green red and blue. Those that are more educated want to see obscure colors like azure or mauve.
  • Gender Differences – Men generally prefer the cooler colors while women will prefer the warmer colors.

All this should highlight how important color choice is. Generally Speaking, the most commonly highlighted color references are:

  • Red – Strength, speed, danger, passion and excitement.
  • Blue – Reliability, Coolness and Trust.
  • Orange – Warmth and playfulness.
  • Yellow – Sunshine, happiness, cheer and warmth.
  • Pink – Nurture, security, soft.
  • Green – Fresh, growth, cool and nature.
  • Gold – Elegant, mystery, seductive, sophistication and sexual nature
  • Silver – Cold, prestige and scientific.

Color Affects Shopping Habits

In most situations royal blue, black, orange and red will attract the impulse buyers. The smart budget shopper tends to be attracted by navy, light blue, teal and pink. Conformists will be drawn in by sky blue, rose and pink.


Everything revolves around picking colors that work well for the market that is targeted. Researching how different colors affect the customers you are interested in reaching can do wonders for future increases in sales and revenue. Never choose colors simply because they are your favorite. You want colors to make a person want to learn more or to buy.



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