What Is Augmented Reality, and How Can You Take Advantage of This Cool New Technology?

Have you heard of virtual reality? You probably have. What about augmented reality?

Although you may not have heard of augmented reality directly, you know exactly what it is, but do you know how to take advantage of everything this cool new technology has to offer?

Augmented Reality Is…

Virtual reality and augmented reality are related, but the end experiences between the two platforms are much different. With virtual reality, you’re creating a completely new environment. With augmented reality, you’re taking the existing environment and enhancing it with virtual reality.

One particularly popular augmented reality example is Pokémon GO. This mobile game allows you to explore your surroundings while the game itself plops in Pokémon characters that you can collect. You’re still outside or inside, but the app is making it look like you’re surrounded by Pokémon.

If the same game were played using virtual reality, the game would create an entirely new environment for you to explore. Augmented reality allows you to use the environment you’re already in.

Devices That Are Enabled for Augmented Reality

When you think of virtual reality equipment, what comes to mind? Probably a headset and maybe an electronic suit or a pair of electronic gloves? Augmented reality, in contrast, is able to use many different devices.

Cell phones and other mobile devices are an easy, affordable, and a popular way to use augmented reality. Especially since so many apps utilize this cool new tech. All you have to do is download the app and your device’s camera will do the rest.

Computers and laptops are also able to provide you with an augmented reality experience. If you’re looking for something a little more high-tech, headsets and glasses can also be used.

How Augmented Reality Is Being Used

At its inception, augmented reality and virtual reality were all for play. There’s no denying that they can make playing games a lot more fun! But, there is an unbelievable array of applications for virtual reality, especially in the business world.

Innovative ways augmented reality is being implemented in the business world include:

  • Retail: Arrange furniture in your home or try on clothes before you buy them on the internet.
  • Sightseeing: Tour historic areas and learn more about artifacts in museums.
  • Medical: Medical students and doctors are able to practice procedures before completing them on actual patients.
  • Military: With a special digital display, pilots don’t have to look down in order to learn critical flight data. It’s all displayed inside a helmet.
  • Maintenance and repair: Complex repairs can be broken down step by step and demonstrated before the repair is made.

Looking for a quick and easy way to give augmented reality a try? Search “augmented reality games” online and you’re sure to find a fun game that will get your toes wet. Then, just sit back and wait.

The augmented reality revolution is already underway. It won’t be long until it’s a regular part of your everyday life.

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