What Is Smart Lighting Technology?  How it Functions and Types

Managing lights with your simple voice used to be a thing only a deity could do. However, nowadays, we have smart lighting technology that anybody can control with their voice.

When you are about to get home, smart lighting technology understands it’s time to switch on the lights. Or when you order a cake or pizza, as soon as the delivery guy reaches home with your cake, the porch light switch on automatically.

Smart lighting technology is a major aspect of smart home systems and has many applications.

What is Smart Lighting Technology

Smart lighting technology is a lighting system that is connected to the internet.

The smart lights can follow schedules effectively, make simple decisions, and you can control them from a remote location using a mobile app, condition-based IFTTT technology, or voice-activated personal assistant.

Most of these smart lights have several smart features. You can even change the color of the light to fit your mood. You can also set simple reminders, such as setting the light to start blinking slowly when taking your medicine if you are on medication.

There are infinite possibilities with smart lighting technology.

Major Benefits of Smart Lighting Technology

  • Saves power- you can schedule the lights to switch on or off automatically. Certain smart lights turn off or on depending on room occupancy. This helps in cutting down power consumption.
  • You can control them remotely- you can switch on the lights even if you are miles away, which can scare away potential burglaries.
  • It is very convenient for users. If you wake up in the middle of the night, some smart lights can detect motion and switch on automatically. So, you do not have to scramble for a switch, challenging to locate in the darkness.
  • Easy to customize- Most smart bulbs available in the market today have some features to change the intensity and the color of the light.

Types of Smart Lighting Technology

Smart lighting technology has a wide range of applications. These applications are:

  • Motion sensing lights
  • Smart light bulbs
  • Smart lights connected with the hub

Wi-fi based bulbs can be utilized in regular bulb holders. You only pair your smart bulbs with

a wi-fi network; from there, you can manage your lights even from a remote location. You can install as many smart bulbs as you need.

Features of a Smart Bulb

  • Most of them are compatible with IFTTT.
  • Some are compatible with Alexa and Google Home.
  • You can set them based on your mood.
  • You can control them remotely.
  • You can schedule them to switch on or off as you wish
  • You can adjust their brightness accordingly.

If you have already installed smart home technology in your office or home, you can expand it by installing smart lighting technology compatible with it. It’s critical to know that some smart lights can’t function without a hub.

Communication Automation Used in Smart Lighting Technology

Sensing technology and communication are crucial in a smart lighting network.

The following Communication Systems are utilized to connect the smart lights with mobile devices or to the internet.

1 Bluetooth connected Smart Lights

Smart light bulbs based on Bluetooth make a mesh network. You can operate them locally using BLE enabled phones. It would help if you had a Bluetooth hub to control them. The Bluetooth hub connects these lights to the internet

2 wi-fi Based Smart Lighting Technology

A wi-fi based smart light is connected to the internet by a wi-fi router. That’s why it’s possible to control them remotely. It would help if you had a stable internet connection to control these lights.

3 ZigBee/ Z- Wave connected Smart lighting Technology

They are just like Bluetooth based smart lights.

Z-Wave and Zig Bee lights can make a mesh network. It would help if you had a hub to manage them.

How Smart Light Functions

Depending on your needs, you can control the smart lighting system by:

  • Using IFTTT
  • Using voice assistant and mobile apps
  • Using motion sensors.

To wrap things up, smart lighting technology is an integral part of smart home automation. You can control your smart lighting system and scare your home no matter where you are on the globe.

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