What Makes a Great Landing Page?

Launching a website is a fairly simple task these days. You decide what you want to put on it, hire a local company offering web design in Cheltenham, get a site up and running, post some content to it and let your designers handle the SEO too, assuming they’re a full-service company. After that, it’s just a matter of letting the sales roll in, right?

What Makes a Great Landing Page

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Maybe, but maybe not. If you’re selling something, then you need a well-optimised landing page, and this is something that a lot of webmasters struggle with. Figuring out what converts well is not easy, because it varies from niche to niche.

Optimising For Sales

The most basic elements of a good landing page are, in general, fast loading times, clear lists of features and benefits, and obvious, compelling calls to action. These are all (with the exception of loading times) fairly subjective things that a lot of people struggle to get right

Companies such as ma-design.biz can help you with the design elements. Most professionals know what makes a good, clean template and they can put the right technical elements in place to ensure that the page looks good and loads quickly. The content, however, is down to you. Can you sell your product convincingly using images and words alone?

Take a look at your landing page. If you don’t have any analytics tracking code installed yet, do so now. You can use that code to see how many people are coming to your page, what they look at and how long they stay.

Quick Fixes for Good Conversions

Try to have a page with a short and simple title, and some good meta-descriptions. Include your phone number in your meta-description so that ‘click to call’ works on most search engine results pages. If your product or service warrants it, offer a video that sells it clearly. Some people prefer watching videos to reading reams of text. Additionally, show off any affiliations, certifications, seals and memberships that you have earned. They will add credibility to your website.

Test your landing page performance periodically and experiment with small tweaks. A/B testing is well worth the time investment, because it may well show you that a new design is better than what you already have. Don’t get comfortable or complacent – your competitors will always be looking to improve!

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