What you need to know before buying a windows vps hosting for your website?

A VPS hosting is what you need if you are looking for more flexibility and power in a server. Having a Windows VPS is the best option for those who, without being computer specialists, want to manage their own server without complications and intuitively.

If you have a project in .asp or .net, or your database system is Microsoft Access / MS SQL Server, you need a server / hosting with Windows as operating system.

If you are not familiar with system administration, Microsoft offers a remote desktop for the management of your Windows VPS friendly and easy customization through applications.

What is Windows VPS?

Windows VPS hosting is perhaps the intermediate option between a cPanel hosting and a dedicated server, between these two the Windows hosting has very attractive advantages for a user who does not want to spend as much as to pay a dedicated but does not want to be hosted in a Basic accommodation with resource limits.

The Windows VPS operate under the Windows operating system, which makes them popular among many website owners, some of its advantages are:

Friendly user interface:  All Windows VPS servers have a familiar and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI), which will be especially useful, if you do not handle much in the management and maintenance of the server.

Improved control:  Each user has an option called remote desktop access. With your help, the user will be able to control and manage their server at any time and from any place on their own.

Site support:  Windows-based hosting solutions include programs such as ASP and ASP.NET, which will be very useful if you want to create complex websites or customize your current website if you run Microsoft software.

You are probably considering changing your plan or purchasing a Windows VPS for your website because your page is currently receiving a lot of web traffic and the resources of your current host plan are not enough, you need something more. So, if you are in this situation it is important that you know how to buy a Windows VPS without making a mistake from the beginning.

Find a Windows VPS server that includes managed support

Were you hesitating to look for a managed or unmanaged VPS? Perhaps the first option is more convenient.

Technical support is ideal for any hosting service.

It does not matter if your knowledge of managing a server is basic or advanced, it is always better to have a wildcard in case of emergencies. That’s why you should buy a Windows VPS hosting that includes technical support and be administered.

A VPS must fit your needs

While a shared hosting does not usually cost more than $ 10 per month, a Windows Virtual Private Server can cost around $ 40 per month.

If you are really willing to change to a Windows VPS your budget should cover the monthly cost of the service, and it is not just about prices, your website will have more storage capacity, ram and monthly transfer and more secure.

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