WordPress or Static HTML? What Would Be the Optimal Choice for a Business Webpage?

If a certain firm would like to launch a business webpage from scratch, it probably has numerous questions. Next to the thoughts of design, purpose, target audience which a prospective website should cover, one should also consider technical specifics. It means one should decide whether to build a page on WordPress or HTML. This article describes pros and cons of using those platforms for business websites and how to enjoy the benefits of WordPress. It will also cover the process of launching a WordPress website, for instance when companies hire WordPress developers from Flexi IT.

WordPress in a Nutshell

WordPress is a one of the diverse Content Management Systems (CMS) which as a rule allow to administer a website from a user friendly environment. It enables changing a page from an admin area which is quite uncomplicated and easy to master even for people without technical background. WordPress occupies a key position among the CMSs as it is utilized by more than a quarter of all the sites on the internet.

Benefits of WordPress

  • It’s simple to employ and update. One might just login into WordPress site and add new pages with no extra costs for developer`s service. out paying your developer. Thanks to its intuitive interface, it’s easy to utilize when creating and updating pages.
  • It involves professional templates. The platform has countless themes and templates which are elaborated by competent programmers and at disposal of any user.
  • It is robust and responsive. WordPress websites might be complemented and developed at ease with plugins. When downloading extensions, one enhances the performance of the site, for instance adding a contact form, a booking system or a photo gallery.
  • It grants full control and ownership. The site administrators have complete control over the website, its domain name, and its contents. They can alter whatever is needed and there are no restrictions as to how much a site can gain in popularity, traffic, sales, and users.

Flaws of WordPress

  • It requires some homework. Certainly, WordPress is simple in use but it requires an effort and time of the users to learn about the platform and its functioning. Of course, there are plenty of study materials to fill in the knowledge gaps but it demands some time and discipline to master it.
  • It should be duly maintained. To keep WordPress site running without any safety issues, one needs to update it regularly and download relevant plugins and themes.

A Static HTML in a Nutshell

HTML is the programming language employed to run web pages. HTML with its markup and scripting powers most websites on the world wide web. In order to build out an HTML website, one would need to recruit a professional web developer who will then utilize HTML, CSS, JavaScript and programming solutions.

HTML websites store all the content in static documents whereas WordPress utilizes databases for this purpose.

Benefits of a HTML Website

  • It hardly requires any maintenance. Once a website is up and running, a user doesn’t have to upgrade it and create regular backups. If a website doesn’t change, it can be backed up once which should be sufficient.
  • There are few technical requirements to such a site. It doesn’t need servers with PHP or MySQL installed on them as it can run on more affordable servers with low resources. Though PHP or MySQL support is provided by the vast majority of reliable web hosting businesses.

Flaws of a HTML Website

  • It is difficult to update. As a beginning user of HTML/CSS, he or she will find it challenging to update static HTML websites. For this purpose, users would either need to have a high command of HTML/CSS or to recruit programmers even for small tasks like introducing new pages, content update, uploading photos or video.
  • It doesn’t have supplementary features. One might want to develop a website by introducing extra features such as a shop, a gallery, or a survey as your enterprise grows. In these cases, introducing new features would be possible only when a WordPress user recruits a programmer, who in turn would advise to migrate to WordPress.
  • It involves quite some expenses. Given that one has to contact a professional programmer even with the small issues, HTML would go along with higher expenses than WordPress.

WordPress vs HTML: What is the optimal choice?

After reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress and HTML, it’s worth checking what programming is suited best for a business website.

The choice of the programming depends greatly on the business goals and expectations towards a site. If one is sure of the site`s design and content and that it won’t need to upgrade or alter it, then HTL will cover those criterias. It will also ensure faster setup and functioning of the site. However, for those who prefer to be in charge of a site and flexible when it comes to its look and content, WordPress would be a much better pick. It would also avert additional expenses for developers` support when it comes to updating or implementing changes into a website.

Financial aspect also plays an important role while choosing correct programming. If one wants to scale up your business website to bring some benefits, then he or she should go for WordPress. Importantly, it allows adding and elaborating content without recruiting specialists. As a WordPress site administrator, the user can make as many pages and modify them as often as it is needed. Besides, he or she is capable of introducing a blog section or creating an email list which allows informing clients faster and reaching out to more prospective clients.

When choosing WordPress, users would join a big community of WordPress users worldwide who utilize this platform to leverage their online influence. This goes along with numerous possibilities to get free assistance from other users as well as extensions and tools which will endorse your website and help bring your business to new horizons.

Rather than spending money on programmers making small modifications, users would be capable of investing in the growth of your enterprise with WordPress.

Setting Up a Business Website with WordPress in 1, 2, 3

To begin with, it is necessary to contact and get a subscription to a WordPress hosting service provider. Those are firms which might host a website on their servers. There are lots of WordPress hosting providers to choose from. For instance, one can opt for Bluehost, which is the official WordPress hosting service.

Then the user would need to download WordPress which is a simple and fast task. Afterwards, it is needed to choose a theme or design of a website as well as plugins for it. WordPress offers countless options (both free and for sale) to decorate and develop a site so one might want to check out its library to discover all the possibilities. And there it is – a site would be ready to use, modify, share, and give a boost to your business.

To sum up, hopefully this article answered principal questions regarding HTML and WordPress websites and that one can make a better informed choice when creating a company’s website.

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