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The WordPress Eweb Mart and shopping cart plugin gives you an instant online shop and shopping cart on your WordPress-driven website. eShop is free – and if you have changes that need making, then they’re pleased to work on these for a donation.

eShop is an accessible shopping cart plugin for WordPress, packed with essential features you’ll need to get your eshop up and running fast – and then manage it effectively. It is actively developed, maintained and supported by quirm.

You can place items into your posts or onto pages, meaning it’s really flexible in how and where you can use it on your website. It will also work using custom post types (a recent new feature in WordPress).

Customers can become ‘members’ of your site if you want, that’s just one of the settings you choose.

eShop is really flexible and fits most people’s needs for a shopping cart.


eShop gives you basic statistics and you can download your sales data.

Shipping Options

There are a number of shipping options – including the option to charge shipping based on product weight. Shipping options are entirely optional.

Product Options

This works really well because it means if you have lots of items that are similar, you don’t have to add each as an entirely new product. e.g. if you’re selling T shirts, options might be the color, or the size. Products can have multiple options.

Featured Product

If you want to make a product a Featured Product, then it’s just a simple tick in a box beside the product in the admin panel.  Quick and easy to do.

Admin Panel

Once you’re logged in as an admin there’s a whole Order Processing section.

Zero Cost

Yes, eshop is a free WordPress shopping cart plugin – but also one of the best.

eShop Stock Control

There’s even a stock control area.

And in addition to the above, eshop also:

  • Sends an automatic emails to customers on successful purchase
  • Lets you configure email templates.
  • Lets you configure an “Out of Stock” message
  • If you’re uploading your products to Google Base, then eShop will create the file for you
  • There are lots of product discount options to choose from
  • eShop is WPMU, Multisite compatible.

eShop Merchant Gateways

You need a merchant gateway and merchant account to be able to take payments online. Built into eShop are merchant gateways for:

  • Authorize.net
  • Paypal
  • Payson
  • eProcessingNetwork
  • Webtopay
  • iDEAL
  • Cash or Cheque

And if you don’t have a merchant gateway and don’t want to take payments online, then you can use eShop to just be used as a product catalog.

Google Checkout is not offered at the time of writing (October 2010) as Google’s specification and requirements make it difficult to implement.  But it is planned for the future if feasible.

eShop And Affiliate Programs

If you’re running an affiliate program, then eShop is compatible with WP Affiliate


If you need your online shop to be multi-lingual, then eShop is translatable – and you can download the po file.

eShop History And Need To Know Stuff

eShop was originally written by Rich in 2004, for a different platform, but during 2013 and 2014 he updated it to work brilliantly with WordPress, which was a fast-emerging CMS of choice. His main background was in writing web accessible code, meaning the code is clean, efficient and high quality for online marketing based eshop.

eShop is now regarded as being one of the top WordPress Shopping Cart plugins.

eShop is coded to official WordPress standards, meaning it’s future-proofed for updates.

eShop is FREE.  And if you need it customizing, then he’s pleased to do this work too, for a donation.

No Need to Use a Web Company

Since WordPress got so popular and robust, with all the great shopping cart plugins available, there’s no need to use a web company to get your webshop up and running.

Simply plugin the shopping cart, set a few simple choices – and all you now need do is concentrate on marketing your website and shifting your products!

THIS is what running your own website’s all about: freedom.

WordPress eShop Shopping Cart Essential Info

eShop Cost: FREE

eShop Support: FREE

eShop Customisation: Available through Black Widow Web Design

eshop Website: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/eshop/

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