Hookah a tool for smoking very different from cigar and cigarette pipe

Quite different from smoking a cigarette, very different from smoking a pipe or a cigar. Smoking hookah is an experience different from all others. They are all four different ways of smoking and each of them produces sensations and satisfactions far from each other.

You can find on the market the steel and plastic mini hookahs at a very low price but probably you would never really appreciate the real smoking hookah of which many praise goodness. Therefore, it’s recommended to visit online headshop and buy the best product to enjoy the pleasant experience of hookah. If you have already decided to buy one then check out rest of this article to prepare your hookah.

The preparation

Preparing hookah is nothing complicated. First you have to fill the water tank, not completely but roughly 2/3 of the capacity. Then just put in the container placed at the top end of the tobacco (tobacco with fruity molasses or mineral stones covered with molasses). The container is covered with aluminum foil and holes are applied at different points with a toothpick. Finally a charcoal comes on (these are also sold specifically for hookahs) and placed on top of the foil.

The smoked

The taste of hookah smoke differs from that of rolled cigarettes because it is essential, rather than tobacco, to smoke aromatized molasses. It is impossible to make a comparison even with a pipe and a cigar. Even by smoking real tobacco with a hookah, the result is far away. On the other hand, who says it must be similar? At the bottom of the hookah is an instrument in itself, from distant origins, both chronologically and geographically. It is a particular way to savor new tastes without the typical tobacco smell we are used to. It is a special experience, which if done in company (there are also very large hookahs with different “pipes” from which to smoke at the same time) offers pleasant sensations similar to those produced by a quiet drink among friends.

Shapes and accessories

On the market there are a multitude of hookahs or shisha, from the smallest ones of the height of a few centimeters, to the larger ones that also exceed the meter. There are those in terracotta, glass, PVC, steel and other types of materials. The accessories are more than those for cleaning and maintenance, as well as the aforementioned coals and of course tobacco, which, by the way, produces a “fragrant” smoke in most cases, also allowing it to be used at home.

The costs are not excessive, if you want to try, you just need a mini-shisha, a flavored tobacco, charcoal and some tin foil. More or less expenditure, depends on where you buy. A rather low figure if you think you can smoke for a while even considering that, in my opinion, it is not an accessory that is easy to smoke every day. In the long run, the process of preparation and cleaning tired. However, evenings with friends can be a good opportunity to take it out.

I personally liked it and I think that I will try new flavored tobaccos, even if, for a hardened roller like me, nothing can take away the pleasure of preparing a cigarette with your own hands.

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