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Hit or stand! You might’ve heard these words in a Casino or Online while watching or playing Blackjack. Live Blackjack is an innovative game that lets you enjoy the same entertainment and fun of an inland casino while sitting from the comfort of your home. You even have a real dealer all throughout your play. How is it played though? Here’s a guide for you…

Playing Blackjack online is pretty simple. Firstly, you need to join a site where Live blackjack can be played. For instance, Magical Vegas is where you can have the best casino games online. When you are done, select any blackjack game.

Blackjack is one of the high-profile games for players since the 1960s. When playing blackjack, you need to useyour observation, calculation, and memory. Blackjack is also known as Twenty-One. Why is it called as such? Well…Blackjack cards are compared between players and a dealer. The player plays against the dealer. Played with 52 cards, the aim of this game is to get 21 points, also you need to get a final score. The card needs to be higher than the dealer and not exceeding 21. Plus, let the dealer drawsmore cards till their hand exceeds 21. This is called busted.

Let the game begin…

Players are each dealt two cards. Face up or down. This depends on the table they sit on.  The dealer’s card is face-up. The King, Queen, and Jack cards are worth 10 points. Aces can either be worth 1 or 11. Players can ask for extra cards to improve their hands. The dealer’s turn comes after all the players are done with their hands. Then it’s the dealer’s turn to show the hidden card. It should be a total of 17 points.

Are there any variations?

Of course, blackjack comes with many ways to play. By using these variations, players are able to expand their gameplay and introduce players to new ways of playing blackjack. Did you know that there are over 100 variations of blackjack?

These variations include Atlantic City Blackjack, Spanish 21, Double Attack Blackjack, Blackjack Perfect Pairs and tons more. Each version can have an effect on a players chances of winning – depending on how well the player knows the variation.

Super Fun 21 is one of the most popular variations of Blackjack. So, why is it so popular? In this version, players get a round of betting before the cards are dealt out. While this is happening, a player can decide to stand, hit, double or surrender on any two cards.

The twist is, if a player has Blackjack, they will always beat the player’s hand. So, clearly, this version of the blackjack game works in the player’s favour! But don’t worry, the fun doesn’t end there! You can also give Blackjack Perfect Pairs a go. Players can play Blackjack Perfect Pairs on Magical Vegas.

Perfect Pairs allows players to place an extra bet in order to cover the first two cards to be dealt with. Thing is, the game can only be played a Perfect Pairs table. All bets should be placed before any bets are placed. If the cards are a pair, the players win the bet.

How to win this game?

Well, you should not bust by having a value higher than the dealer. You can trigger a win when you land on blackjack excluding the dealer obtaining a blackjack. However, when both the player and the dealer get the same total, this is called a push. The player does not win nor lose the bet amount.


You will come across these Blackjack terms:

Hit: To Hit means to pick up another card from the dealer.

Stand: This means that you won’t take another card.

Double down: In this stage, you are dealt with your two cards.You need to choose whether to double your original bet to get a single card.

Split: This is when the player lands with 2 of the same card values. They then choose to split their hand into two. The player then pulls the cards on each of the split hands.

Surrender: This means that you can choose to fold the hand and lose half the bet. You won’t lose the whole total.

Insurance: Players can choose to have a side bet. This option pays 2:1 and is accessible when the dealer’s exposed card is an ace.

Are you ready to Hit it?

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