10 Python Free Online Courses

More and more young programmers today want to start their computing science journey with the Python language. It is not a big surprise because Python is an easy-to-understand syntax thanks to its simple and multi-purpose features. We want to salute you with a great opportunity to boost your career possibilities and enrich your knowledge of Python without any cost. There is no need to suffer, asking classmates, “Who can do my Python assignment?” because you can read our guide on ten online courses.

  1. Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certificate

What can be a better knowledge provider on Python than Google? Right, nothing! Therefore, we start our list with this course presented on the Coursera educational online platform. Studying at your own pace, you will easily analyze real-world IT issues and implement possible strategies to solve them. Also, you will automate tasks by writing Python scripts, coping with IT resources at scale, virtual (cloud) and physical machines, and using Git and GitHub for control.

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  1. Introduction to Python Programming

If you want to achieve a clear foundation in Python, pay attention to this Udemy course. This is one of the biggest online learning platforms that let every beginner understand major concepts with this free program painlessly. You will become confident in writing your own Python scripts, train function execution with exercises, and clarify numerous questions answered by your passionate tech instructor, Avinash Jain.

  1. Try Django 1.10 | Create a URL Shortening Service

 One more great course on Python on Udemy is more specific than the previous. Its topic is focused, so you can create a URL shortening service, generate random shortcodes, and manage Django hosts to control subdomains. Indeed there are many more interesting topics covered. The only requirement for an enrollee is basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, so don’t miss a chance to join this free course today to unleash your skills.

  1. Python for Beginner

 Having this course up your sleeve will help you to maintain many coding challenges. For instance, after passing this program, you can work with if, for, and string functions. In this course, your tutor Tan Pham provides all essentials to hack the Caesar cipher, one of the most famous ciphers in history. Also, you will know how Python programming helps to encrypt a message with the Caesar cipher rule, decrypt the Caesar cipher message, and how to hack the Caesar cipher completely.

  1. Rock Paper Scissors — Python Tutorial

Have you ever dreamed of learning with fun? Luckily, instructor Christopher Young from Udemy has prepared for you something great! Pass the course, gain new skills, and build your first game simultaneously. This is a popular Rock Paper Scissors game where you can train using loops, prints, variables, randoms, time delays, and the ability to have an account.

  1. Python for beginners: the fundamentals of Python

This is one of the paid courses on this list which costs $9.99, but it is worth this price. If you want to master new skills in programming and implement inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation, and polymorphism – this program is right for you. Find out how to reach pattern matching with regular expressions, deal with time, data, and use different operators.

  1. Learn Python – Python Programming For Beginners From Scratch

Created by Ian Annase on Udemy, this course is a great starting point for those who have zero programming experience but a big desire to learn. The main benefit of this course is that it is concise and practical. If you want to cover all basic questions on Python, Ian has done it for you. You are going to learn variables, arithmetic, module installation, and access pre-built libraries.

  1. Python for Absolute Beginners!

When you have no experience in computing science, this online learning program is what you need to become a confident Python specialist. Even if you gain essential knowledge, you could work with IDE setup, scripts in the interpreter, arguments, and functions. After finishing the study, you will have a ready project of the calculator application.

  1. Learn Data Analysis using Pandas and Python

Joining this course, you will be happy with the concise approach and well-built structure. You don’t need to have a background, just a laptop or PC to study and practice. This is the second module of the Data Science series triad. It reveals quick techniques for data analysis and how to use Pandas in data manipulation.

  1. Learn Python 3 from Scratch

Unlike most courses presented in this article located on Udemy, this one is placed on Educative. This is an exceptional platform for passionate coders who want to improve their skills. This free course on Python is text-based, so it is easier to follow than videos. The fantastic opportunity at this website is to practice online in the browser without downloading a special code environment. Pass quizzes, solve coding tasks, and overcome challenges in a playful way.

Consider these ten courses if you want to improve your skills in data science and machine learning. Knowing Python, you can get in-depth knowledge literally on everything relating to software development. Even though these programming courses are beneficial for advancing your coding experience, don’t forget to apply your skills in practice. Moreover, you can read books on Python as well and compare the information you’ve got from there to recent updates. Anyway, there is always room to be better in any field, and Python is no exception.

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