A Look At Decentraland: A Decentralized Blockchain Casino

Today, the online casino world is more packed with options than ever before. Igaming has truly gone from strength to strength in recent years now a new type of online world is offering gamers a wider variety of options than ever!

Decentraland, the blockchain-based virtual reality platform, is one of the most exciting things to happen in the world of VR and igaming recently. Essentially a whole online world, users can purchase, develop and trade virtual land in this universe.

Though it may sound like the stuff of fantasy, many are making money from Decentraland using a variety of routes such as through the selling of online art in NFTs and by winning big at Decentraland’s casinos. The options for enjoying casino games are plentiful in Decentraland and with the boom in online casino options continuing, this presence only looks set to grow. You can find casino sites that accept cryptocurrencies listed at Casinosites.org.

In this article, we will take a peek inside the online world of Decentraland, putting particular onus on some of the activities players can take part in there with special attention on those that allow for monetisation.

So, without further ado, let’s get the basics understood in terms of what Decentraland is and why it is such an exciting development in the worlds of both VR and igaming.

Decentraland: The Essentials

An online universe owned exclusively by those who take part, Decentraland offers users the chance to make, discover and make money within its online confines.

Basically, Decentraland works much like traditional video games in that it lets you explore, play and communicate through an on-screen avatar. However, the massive scale of Decentraland as well as its option for monetisation mean this is a special development in the igaming business and one that many of the planet’s top brands are keen to utilise.

How can you monetise Decentraland?

Undoubtedly, Decentraland is so attractive to many as it offers a tangible chance to make money online. No matter if that is by buying and selling LAND (virtual land in Decentraland), Estates, Avatar costumes and accessories or names in the Marketplace, it is possible to use your time in Decentraland to make real money. What’s more, as the universe is stored on the ethereum blockchain, all payments and transfers are as safe and easy to carry out as can be.

Playing at online casinos in Decentraland is another way that many users make money online. With many forms of cryptocurrency accepted as payment, the casinos in Decentraland function much like those in the concrete world and on the normal web, offering an opportunity to enjoy a range of games with the possibility of scooping up some real, live cash!

At Decentral Games’ Tominoya Casino, an online casino where casino games are offered via crypto wagering, human VR greeters are paid a monthly wage to aid newcomers in understanding and navigating the casino. Certainly, their earnings of up to $500 USD per month are nothing to be sniffed at!

Overall, no matter if you go to Decentraland for pure fun or with an intention of trading or playing casino games for money, the fact is that this novel universe is an exciting new development for all involved in igaming.

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