3 Great Online Dating Apps You Can Trust

If you are looking for online dating you should be careful with the dating apps and sites. There are so many dating apps and online services but who knows how some of them can use your personal information? Who knows is it scammers or real person talking with you? To explore that question, we did a study and now we show you 3 online dating apps you can trust. Let’s start!


The popular dating website Zoosk has decided to stretch itself into the very profitable mobile dating sector with its mobile app. The Zoosk app is linked directly to the website and its many features. This means that you can have access to nearly 50 million single people from your phone at any time. You can even specifically weed those people down to a more manageable number by looking for people just in your immediate area if that is what you desire for a quick and fun date. You can also use the app to start building on your profile right away, which implies you can sign up for the dating service on your computer and then finish getting everything set up on the go rather than being tied to your desktop or laptop for the next little bit while you get your profile to look presentable. Then, in using the features of your actual phone, you can quickly take pictures and then instantly upload them to your Zoosk profile so that you will be able to share what is happening with you at the moment it occurs. Also, you receive flirts in real-time so that you can instantly reply to show your avid interest rather than letting them get lost in the jumble or turn stale.


Goldenbride is a legitimate online dating site and one of the quickest growing mobile dating apps that you can download from the app store. They truly are the model example of what mobile dating can be if the proper app is loaded onto your phone.

GoldenBride helps in developing successful relationships between Eastern European women and western men. They offer one of the most innovative tools in the industry, like Live Video Chat and Introduction Videos. They try to develop a good atmosphere for men and women, which helps to build a successful dating experience and long-term relationships.

If you are looking for something serious or long term, Goldenbride might be the best app for you.


If you are looking for a serious mobile dating app, then the Match.com app is certainly the one for you. The people who revolutionized the entire online dating game to become more than casual flings and hookups have decided to get into the mobile app game with the same type of attitude. They created an app that is a mobile version of the website and links specifically with the site itself. You can easily get notifications, see when someone is interested, and search for possible prospects on the Match from your phone.

The community online that transfers to your phone is massive in comparison to other sites and especially other mobile dating apps, meaning you can search through thousands of single people near you from your phone no matter where you are. You can even use the features of your phone to add directly to your profile such as taking pictures and immediately uploading him. The app itself is even free!

The main negative aspect of the Match app is that you should have a paid membership to access it. While the app might be free, you do have to fork over cash to be a part of the website since the mobile program is an extension of the site itself. Without this link to the site, the app would be worthless anyway despite its free nature. It is meant to be just another feature you can utilize with your subscription. Also, another negative is that the app is so linked to the website it does not follow the modern app trend of meeting up with other people within a certain radius of your phone. There is no extra feature which lets you hook up with other Match.com members within your area on the spot.

Overall, the Match app is a great way to carry the website around with you without having to lug around your laptop in the process. You can easily browse the site for your soul mate while you are stuck in traffic or waiting around for your friends to join you on a night out.

However, the fact that you must have a Match.com subscription to access this free app is a bit of a downer. The monthly cost for this access is more than most mobile dating apps which means that the total cost for the Match is quite expensive in comparison to other options you come across.


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