Searching New Casinos

With so many new online casino sites landing on our pages on a daily basis it’s no wonder that it can be a little confusing when looking for your prefect site. Well look no further as if you check out you will find all the information on only the best, high end online casinos to-date.

 How Does Work?

  There are not many of us who have not made use of an online comparison site for our car or home insurance. In fact we can usually find an online comparison site for most of the goods and services we purchase online. These sites are of great value as they save us a lot of time bringing together the best and then reviewing them so we can read how they performed.

Unbiased reviews really do help and this is exactly what the online casino comparison site does. All the most important points that add up to make a great online casino are checked out and rated for their quality, and only when all the points have been checked and ticked off as making the grade will the new online casino be added to the online casino comparison sites pages.

Which Points are Considered? 

Firstly the main aspect which is looked at before any new online casino is added to the online comparison site it must hold a current gambling license which has been issued by a reputable gambling commission – this one fact alone is so important that any site which does not hold an up-to-date gambling license will be automatically dismissed.

Other Points Which are Considered Include:-

  • Banking options should be the popular choices and the site should use the latest encryption codes in order to keep their players personal information confidential
  • The Software providers of the games should be only the biggest players in the industry in order to make sure that the games are both fun to play and entertaining.
  • Games choices should be varied so there is something to suit most tastes.
  • Bonuses and promotional offers should be generous and offered on a regular basis.
  • The whole site should be transparent with no hidden small print, and it should be jargon free.
  • There should also be a range on information pages for self-help
  • Players should be able to contact the new online casino site through a variety of methods
  • Any new online casino site should have a professional and kind support service put in place to help and assist when necessary.

Only when all the above boxes have been ticked will any new site be added to the pages of and of course if a site is found failing in the future then it will be removed.

In this way any player whether they are completely new to online casinos or are looking for a change to their regular site will know that the reviews they read offer a true and unbiased view of the best of the best.

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