5 Reasons to Use SendPulse for your Email Marketing Campaign

SendPulse, as the name suggests is an email marketing service, whose basic values revolve around convenience and simplicity. For those who are unaware of SendPulse, here is what you all need to know:

“SendPulse is a fast, intuitive, and affordable way to send emails, sms, web push, and smtp email that will help you grow your business and increase brand awareness.”

It was among the top 3 nomination of The Next Web SCALE program of 2016, which proves the fact it does its job quite well and effectively. Below are the 5 main reasons to use SendPulse as your primary email marketing software:

Mass SMS Options & Web Push

Alongside email marketing services, SendPulse additionally allows you to send SMS in masses as well as allows you to send push notifications to your users. There’s no other email service in the market currently that offers the same.

With the help of push notifications, users can get notifications on their devices each time you post something new to the site, which is a great way to enhance user engagement.

CTR and Open Rate Boost

Increasing open rates of emails is an important goal in email marketing. SendPulse has an amazing feature based on AI functionality to increase the open rate of emails simply by re-sending all those emails who haven’t been opened by your subscribers. You can set this up by clicking on ‘My Campaigns’, and then clicking on the gear icon next to it, and choose option ‘send emails to unreads’. See the screenshot for reference:

Autoresponders Of 3 Types

SendPulse allows you to create 3 type of autoresponders on your website:

1) A series of email right after a user has subscribed to your post.

2) Setting up an automated emails on a particular date, let’s say, on recipient’s anniversary.

3) A triggered automated email as soon as a subscriber takes an action on the sent-email.

Besides, you can create autoresponders for SMS too. Another great thing about SendPulse is you don’t have to constantly upgrade to their premium plans to use this feature.

Reasonable Cost

SendPulse probably offers the cheapest of all the plans offered by different email marketing service providers. The basic features are free however to use certain features, you need access to their premium plans. Besides, if you have less subscribers, you can make use of their free plan that allows you to send about 15000 emails each month to about 2500 subscribers.

Affordable and reliable SMTP server:

1) Makes use of dedicated IP addresses to build and protect your sender reputation.

2) Your transactional emails are sent via fast and secure SSL enabled servers.

3) Detailed reports provide all the important stats you need to make sure you’re doing your email marketing right. All reports can be exported and downloaded to your PC.

4) You can send 12 000 emails for free each month on a free plan. 

SendPulse is an incredible user-friendly e-mail services in the market that even beginners can use it easily. At the same time, email marketing pros can also learn the advanced tool and features such as resent to unread, web push, etc.


The intuitive user interface of this software makes the whole experience fun and easy. Whether you’re a business owner or simply a blogger, you require a tool that can take care of your email marketing strategy. Besides, SendPulse has an amazing free plan to get everyone interested started.

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