How Color Influences Web Design Success

About When Planning A New ECommerce Website

The modern website design process is much more complicated than it used to be. Out of the various things you have to take into account, color combination choice is definitely something that has to be seriously considered. This is mainly because people are always susceptible to colors at a subconscious level. Color choice can create a highly positive impact for the visitors that will end up staying longer. The exact opposite is also the case. One of the main reasons why colors have to be properly chosen is to keep people on a site for a longer period of time. This helps you to increase the possibility of making a sale or convincing the visitor to do something. Every single web design and branding agency out there will spend time to choose colors that bring in the desired results.

Determining Service/Product Sold

This is one of the first steps taken by design agencies when choosing colors. For instance, when you sell green products you do not want to use colors like orange or red. Earth tones and green versions are much better. Choose those colors that will match service or product offered.

Target Audience Focus

As you think about what color should be chosen for the website you have to always consider target audiences. Colors used for products that have elderly focus would not be really effective for those that are younger. Extremely bright colors like yellow, red or blue causes the appearance of eye fatigue so visitors would be driven away.

The Background Color

Backgrounds can be of all the desired colors but the truth is that something really simple as white is always a very good idea. Sometimes you can go for something else but only when the contrast is not causing eye fatigue. Obviously, when you go for white background one of the best possible color options for text is black. People are always used to read black text so this makes everything familiar.

Using Colors Relative To Highlighted Products

While proper research is normally needed to make a good choice, the following colors are often recommended in specific situations:

  • Red – This color is powerful and attractive, making it perfect for sites that sell products for children. It is also really good when added to CTAs because it will invoke emotions.
  • Orange – The color is very good in the sites that are promoting foods. This is because it will promote increased creativity and positive thinking. It will appeal to younger adults. Various technical companies are using orange right now.
  • Yellow – The color will signify creativity and cheerfulness, being highly appealing for leisure products and children based sites. The problem with it is that it will strain eyes so you are much better to use it as accent color.
  • Green – Green will be pleasing for your eyes and can be very good for the tourism sites or those connected to nature. We should know that green does symbolize wealth and prosperity. It will promote trust and stands out as a highly corporate and trendy color.
  • Black – Really useful for websites connected to art and photography.
  • Blue – The color is conservative and promotes trust while relaxing your nervous system. You can use it for the websites that feature high tech products and can even be useful for products aimed for dieting. Do not use blue for text since the human eye will have problems reading it.
  • Purple – Can be quite useful for vacation sites and religious sites.

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