5 Top SEO Plugins for Your Website for 2017

One of the biggest ways to drive traffic to your website is through search engine optimization. Unfortunately, it can be a bit confusing for many website owners to ensure that they are using the right amount of SEO keywords at the right density. There’s other things to worry about like headlines, alt tags and meta descriptions too. Plugins can help you improve your SEO on your website when you’re web hosting with WordPress without the website creator having to learn all the intricacies of SEO optimization.

  1. All-In-One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is one of the most popular plugins for your website. It’s been downloaded over thirty million times, and it’s beginner friendly with the ability to optimize your site for SEO purposes. The pack plugin will generate the meta tag for your site automatically, so you won’t have to mess with it. It will support Google Analytics, and optimize your titles for Google, Bing and Yahoo. After learning how to use the plugin, website owners can customize it to their requirements.

Along with being a free plugin for WordOress users, beginners don’t have to look at the functions and options available since it’s ready to go as soon as it’s downloaded and activated. For advanced users, everything can be fine tuned to work exactly as you want them to for your SEO campaign.

  1. Premium SEO Pack

The ultimate goal for SEO plugins is to drive more organic traffic, which will generate revenue. The Premium plugin will improve your internal link building within your site, which can improve your rankings with search engines. To stand out in the search results, premium SEO pack will handle all the rich snippets for your posts, so each will be optimized effectively.

Along with optimization of the posts on your site, it’ll help handle everything from the XML sitemap to the ability to share posts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter through Twitter cards and Facebook planner. It handles the title and meta of your posts too. You won’t have to track your search engine ranking through other plugins since the Premium SEO Pack has a dashboard that will allow you to stay inside WP’s backend.

  1. WP Social SEO Booster Plugin

Google uses social media shares as a ranking signal when deciding whether to put website A in front of website B in the search engine rankings for the same keywords. When a site gets mentioned on social media sites, it elevates the rankings through Google, which will make it rank higher.

While other plugins will help rank with social media signals, WP Social SEO Booster is more comprehensive. It will automatically add Rich Snippets Tagging to all of the content you post on your website. It’s a free plugin that can be integrated perfectly with other plugins like SEO Yoast.

  1. SEOPressor

All the other plugins on this list that help a website creator optimize keywords will not do keyword research for you. You’ll have to come into the post with content focused around your keyword while SEOPressor does keyword analysis to help you focus on keywords that will increase rankings. It’s one more way to stand out from the other websites in your niche.

Once the post is finished, the plugin will analyze the entirety of the post and provide a score based on that analysis. It’ll help you stick with keywords that rank higher, and once analyzed, it also helps content creators do internal linking based on keywords provided. For example, if you are writing a post about reviews of air conditioners where you mentioned the word “filter” the plugin in will let you know that you can internally link to the post with filter in it.

  1. YoastWordpress SEO Plugin

One of the most popular and most downloaded plugins is Yoast SEO Plugin. It provides page analysis to better understand the keywords within your website. It guides you into providing perfect keyword optimization through its use of snippet preview, SEO title preview, focus keyword and Page URL optimization. Once you’ve chosen your keywords and written your content, the plugin will let you know what’s missing so you never forget to add the right title or link elements. It’ll tell you whether you’ve forgotten to add keywords to your post title for the permalink, H3 headings and internal links.

It’ll even help optimize post images. Alt tags should be used for all images, and Yoast will scan them and let you know if they’re used correctly. The dashboard for Yoast will be at the bottom of your recent post while you’re writing and editing, so you can see exactly where you’ll need to put in some work. It’ll let you know how many times your keyword was found in the content itself too. It has RSS optimization, XML sitemaps, page analysis and meta elements.

If you want to get traffic to your website, you’ll need SEO plugins when you’re web hosting with WordPress that will help you optimize your keywords and content. The plugin that you choose should be one that helps you rank in the search engines especially Google, which is one of the most powerful for bringing in traffic organically.

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