5 WordPress Age Verification Plugins to Help You Add an Age Gate

WordPress offers the best and the largest number of plugins for your digital entity. It is also the first choice of the many bloggers and developers due to its customization features.

A website is usually intended for the masses that anyone can access including kids and adults. If you have some content that is age specific and should not be public, you can have a filter for that with the help of WordPress. If you are building a website that is only for the public of specific age that is not for the younger ones and should be controlled for a purpose. Some people later need Houston child pornography lawyer for having such content and publicizing it and later parents claim the website.

You can have the age gate with the WordPress. It has already built the plugin for you and you just need to pick it and add to your website. Although it is not the requirement by law but age sensitive content must need it. Have a look on the 5 best age verification plugins to choose from.

Age Checker

This is the all in one plugin by WordPress for age control. It provides all the features that a website require to verify the website is being accessed and used by the selected age group. This plugin saves the verified information or response in the form of text in any language. It provides the exact information you need. It also has attractive layout for you with 3 background options to choose from a color, a picture or a video. This plugin has 3 verification methods, customization feature and also SEO friendly. The underage users will be redirected from the verification page.

Age Verifier

You might have placed useful information about the drugs for the adults that can be harmful for the children so need to hide that content from them. Age verifier will help you in achieving this goal that will verify the age of the visitor before giving access to the page. This plugin has 4.5 rating and thousands of active users. You need to renew the license regularly every 6 months. You do not need any coding rather just set it up and do customizations and settings. It also has 3 ways of verification.

Age Verify

It is the easy to use and one of the best WordPress age verification plugin you can use. The free version of the plugin contains ad but you can buy Pro upgrade.

Premium Age Verification

It has a number of features and options that made its space among the best ones. It verifies the age of the visitors through the option of logging in through Facebook and Google+. It is suitable with all themes and is completely responsible for it functioning. It has 4 templates for the display and you can also use your company name for the display.

Adults Only Age Verification System

It is the most suitable for the people running a website about mature content, drugs, or some medical content that require censorship from young ones. It not only an age verification system but also asks the user to accept the terms and agreement. It is also SEO friendly.

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