World’s Most Famous Casinos     

Maybe we all prefer to play at a BTC casino nowadays, but land-based casinos still exist. In fact, they are quite popular. Most of the players still think of a land-based casino when someone says “gamble”. We do not expect them to close up shop anytime soon, land-based casinos offer an authentic experience that cannot be matched by online ones. So, since they will be in our lives for a long time, what do you say finding the most famous ones? In the list below, you can find information about the world’s most famous casinos and the reasons why they are famous.

WinStar World Casino and Resort

Location Thackerville, Oklahoma, United States

The biggest casino in the world is not in Las Vegas or  Europe: It is located in the town of Thackerville, Oklahoma. The town’s population is below 500 people and is extremely small. The WinStar casino covers almost the whole town. This place is 600,000 square feet in size, so it’s really big. To give you an idea, the closest casino in size is only 344,000 square feet. Currently, there is no bigger casino in the world. WinStar casino was opened in 2004 and has 1,399 rooms. Nearly 80% of the space is reserved for casino games. So literally thousands of tables and options are offered for each game type. But if you’re wondering about the casino that can host the largest number of players at the same time, you have to go to Mashantucket, Connecticut: The Foxwoods Resort Casino is 300,000 square feet in size but can accommodate 2,230 people at the same time.

MGM Grand

Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

It is not possible to prepare a list and not include MGM Grand. When it opened in 1993, MGM Grand was the world’s biggest casino. Its size is 171,500 square feet, and it is still the biggest casino in Las Vegas today. It has a total of 2,639 slot machines and game tables. There are also 27 different restaurants inside the building. Gambling is not your only option: MGM Grand is a true entertainment center. Players can participate in events in which real actors are involved, as in the Universal Studios Park. MGM Grand is visited by 70,000 people every day, and its famous Arena is constantly organizing boxing matches. For example, Floyd Mayweather won the title of “World Boxing Champion” in a match here. MGM Grand is one of the first brands to come to mind when someone says Las Vegas, and there’s a reason for that: It’s considered as one of the best casinos to gamble in the world.

Rio Casino Resort

Location Klerksdorp, South Africa

Rio Casino Resort is the largest casino in Africa. It is 266,000 square feet big, and there are a total of 257 game tables in it. Opened in 2006, the casino does not only serve people who want to gamble: There is also a go-kart track, an arcade hall, and a huge amphitheater inside the building. This is one of the biggest entertainment centers in the world, and not only the gamblers but also their families are accepted. However, if you want to visit here, please note that only the local currency ZAR is accepted. So if you are using EUR or USD, it will be automatically converted to ZAR. The casino is in a location fairly easy to reach: As soon as you land at the airport, you can use one of the free shuttles to arrive there.

MGM Grand Macau

Location Macau, China

Wondering which is the biggest casino in Asia? This title belongs to MGM Grand Macau. This casino is 267,000 square feet in size and contains 1,545 game tables. Built in partnership with MGM Resorts and Stanley Ho, the casino has a very impressive and modern look. When you step inside, you first see an aquarium that is 26 foot long: 1,000 fish live in it. (And a few sharks.) Macau is a bigger place than Las Vegas and gains four times gambling revenue than Las Vegas: More than 30 million tourists visit the city every year. 76% of the city’s income comes from casinos. This is not the “classic Chinese experience” since the city was a Portuguese colony in the past: So if you want to see Chinese culture, you may be disappointed. But if you’re here to gamble, Macau is the right place for you.

Monte Carlo Casino

Location Monte Carlo, Monaco

You’ve seen this casino many times before: Most Hollywood films (and many James Bond movies) were filmed here. Monte Carlo Casino was founded in 1863 and is one of the oldest land-based casinos in Europe. The design was made by the famous architect Charles Garnier, who also designed the Paris Opera House, so it looks quite impressive. The casino is actually a fairly small building, with only 1,000 games. However, this place has a historical importance: The roulette game was first played at the Monte Carlo Casino. So if we have a game today called roulette, we owe it to this casino. Note that there is no need to pay any taxes for gambling winnings, but if you plan to visit here, there is a tight dress code. Women are expected to wear nightdresses, while men are expected to wear tuxedos. So if you want to live a truly authentic gambling experience, the Monte Carlo Casino is the best place to go.

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