Basics of Using Mobile Dictation Programs for Beginners

Dictation applications have become quite popular among the writing fraternity, with many investing in one for personal or commercial use. However, as a beginner, you may feel overwhelmed with the number of apps available when deciding on whether to invest in a dictation program or not. The programs are diverse in terms of features and overall aesthetics thus making it important to choose wisely and think long term.

Even as you decide on the best program to use for dictation, it is also important to understand how it works for greater output in the long run. If you have not used voice to text apps before, here are some tips to get you started off on your dictation journey.

Plan ahead

Think about the message that you want to pass when dictating so that you can have an outline to guide the information that will be recorded. In most cases, planning ahead reduces the time spent on speaking to the app as you will have everything in place making it much easier to do.

Speak in short sentences

When working with a dictation program, it is important to keep your sentences short and concise so that they are captured well. Most applications can listen for about thirty to forty seconds at a time, thus making it important to break down the information shared into small chunks that will be easy to record and convert to word.

Speak slowly

Dictation applications capture information well when the words and sentences are clearly pronounced. It is important to speak slowly so that every word can be heard well when speaking into the app. If possible, avoid the use of filler words to make it easier to convert to text and reduce the time spent on removing the words after the dictation is done.

Remember to use punctuation

Speak out your punctuations so that the dictation program can insert them in the final written word. The punctuations must also be said in a clear manner to ensure accuracy in the final work presented online or in offline publications.

Practice regularly

Many dictation apps adjust to your voice or speaking style over time, making it important to use them on a regular basis. Test out the application by reading from word in a book or personal journal to have an idea of its abilities and gradually grow to speaking spontaneously.

Overall, having a better understanding of dictation app makes it possible to enjoy the benefits it offers beginners and established writers.

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