Do you have you got your iPhone X? Here are few accessories to protect your iPhone X

The new iPhone X is very exciting to buy. It is a device that comes with a new look, new features and thousands of functions, which makes it useful in all aspects of our lives. There are always available exclusive iPhone accessories and that can improve its use. Especially if they have security features, you should purchase them as soon as possible.

Let’s look at what are the indispensable accessories you can buy right now and in case you want to secure your brand new iPhone X …

Protective films

A smartphone such as the iPhone X is continually being placed in the most strange places: pocket, bag, backpack, bedside table, table and so on. Moving it continuously is likely that the screen gets scratched by other objects or that it may fall over the liquid, so protect it with a film. Generally, if the quality of the film does not obstruct the operation of the phone, in fact: if the film gets damaged it can be replaced.

The cases

Just turn around when we are in any place to understand how the housings are important. Depending on what we have said before, the phone may fall, it may touch other objects, someone inadvertently can put something on us: the cases completely remove the problem, and especially if we want to spend a little there are occasions maybe not beautiful to see but surely useful to protect a device of $999 dollars. Find out most appreciated iPhone x cases Australia at the moment.

The external battery

After about a week of using the included iPhone X, you will realize, more than anything else, one thing: the battery lasts a bit. As a result, the phone is constantly unloaded. For this reason, it is always convenient to buy an external battery, which is held in the bag or in a backpack, charged at home and connects to the iPhone X when it is almost discharged so that the battery charge is transferred to the phone.

Car mounts

This is an almost indispensable device for those traveling a lot in the car. If you spend hours, you will realize that you will not only want to use it more often, more to talk, but also that it is extremely convenient and sure to do so. Siri let us read and reply to email and messages, as well as having information, simply with our voice.

Car Charger

Another useful accessory for those traveling a lot, but also for those who use the car only on Sundays to take a ride: it takes photos all day long, at high brightness, and finds it very soon without battery, so even without the possibility of call. If we do not have a wall outlet because we are out, a charger to attack the car will definitely be our case for necessity situations.

Arm Band

If the car holder and car charger are useful for those traveling, the armband is useful for those who do sports. It keeps the iPhone on your arm so you count your footsteps, measure your speed during activity, measure your heart rate (built-in sensor in the band) and leave the iPhone a short distance from your ears listen to music while we run, with headphones. A product that does a few sports will no longer be able to do it, especially thanks to the presence of the App Salute on the iPhone, which monitors our parameters.

Apple original or compatible accessories?

In another article we discussed the differences between an original Apple accessory, a certified accessory and a little of reliability, my warning is to rely on non-original but certified accessories, saving and in many cases obtaining a superior product of the original one.

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