Effective Traffic Generation Tactics for Site Owners

Site owners always face the problem of how to get targeted traffic to their website. That’s not always easy, especially at the beginning of a new website’s life. Here are a few proven traffic generation tactics to consider implementing.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic means buying advertising space on platforms that provide access to potential customers. That might be on Google, Facebook, Twitter or other sites.

Managing a pay-per-click advertising campaign is tricky because it takes experience to produce effective ad copy that people in that niche and platform will respond to. It takes considerable trial and error to produce ads that consumers will click on where enough people perform the expected action (signing up to a newsletter, buying the product or something else).

Ads must be produced, tested, and refined continually during an ad campaign to get optimal results. Usually the advertisement fails to produce a net profit initially but over time improves and eventually is highly profitable. Overall, the ad campaign is a success when it’s profitable on a cost basis vs affiliate commissions from sales.

To get better ad management, use a professional service like Adelaide SEO services to assist you. This saves you money on losing campaigns and they will become profitable much sooner.

Link Building to Boost Organic Ranking

To obtain more organic search traffic, it’s necessary to rank higher in Google and Bing. To do that, link building is required, and not just any kind of link building either. High quality links from better quality websites ensure the search engines will boost the ranking because if a quality site links in, your site must be respectable too.

There are many different approaches to take with link building. This includes guest posting, broken link building (offering a replacement link to a web page to replace one that’s showing a 404 page not found error) and a variety of other approaches to get other websites pointing a link to your own.

Traffic Leaking

The concept of traffic leaking for generating website traffic is not new but it’s not widely pursued. The idea is if, for instance, you have a blog with no traffic, what do you do about that? The answer is to visit similar blogs that do have traffic and siphon it off by adding value.

What approaches can you use with traffic leaking? Offer something valuable to their readers. This might be an insightful comment on a recent blog post that adds extra points, extends what’s already been said or provides a different related thought. When readers find the comment useful, they’re incentivized to visit the linked blog (your site, in this example) to find more of the same.

There are many different tactics with traffic leaking, but the central idea is to subtly encourage visitors on other sites to give yours a try without it seeming spammy. Adding value at every step along the way ensures that people will get some benefit and appreciate it.

Traffic generation covers a wide spectrum. It’s not only about SEO and backlinks; there are lots of ways to be effective with it. That’s good news for website owners wanting their site to grow.

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