Vintage Trends Back Into Fashion

The term Vintage is often related to retro and antique. Clothes which were produced before the 1920s are referred to as antique style. The 1920s to 20 years before the present day is considered as vintage. The Vintage style refers to clothing that imitates the styles of the previous eras. Fashion trends keeps on changing. New trends and styles keep on entering the mainstream, and we just struggle to keep up to that level. It is very difficult to keep on changing and buy a new wardrobe for every single season. Well, fashion is among the only thing that is repeated. What was old will become new again.

It’s of no doubt that styles such as crop tops and flared denim that were trendy years ago have now once again pervaded the trendy landscape of today’s youngsters. This is a very good excuse or reason to not throw away your favourite clothes. If you like them and they fit your style, but these have gone out of fashion, keep them safe as they can be used in a few years. They might be on the way to make a comeback to the fashion world. You’ll be one step ahead without having to spend a lot on a new version of something you already have!

Crop Tops

Designers kept on reinventing the crop top and ever since it became very up-to-date as part of two-piece matching sets in the 1930s and ’40s. Since then, crop tops come back every single decade in new and different iterations.

Pussy-Bow Blouses

This type of blouse is a style of neckwear which is often associated to women and girl’s blouses. Similar to those bows tied around the neck of kittens, cats, the Pussy-Bow Blouses take the same form. It was an extremely popular attire for true ’80s ladies.

These feminine tops were often made in uncomfortable artificial materials. The latest version of this has been found to be made with more comfortable linens, cottons and silks fabric. It still looks great with a slim pencil skirt or wide-leg trouser for work.

Bishop Sleeves

The Bishop Sleeve is back into fashion. You can see most of the classy wear have bishop sleeves. These are recognised for its full, voluminous sleeve and fitted cuff for a dramatic effect.

Bell Bottoms

Take out your old bell bottoms and turn it into new ones as the fashion is back. Bell bottoms came into scene as a naval design for sailors. It quickly coiled up permeating trend culture in the ’70s. These have been brought back into fashion and new ways of wearing it is still coming up to rock this look all the time!

Wiggle Dresses

Well ladies, for sure you remember Marilyn Monroe. What about the iconic wiggle dresses she wore in films like ‘The Seven Year Itch’? Do you still remember it? She was ‘THE’ fashion icon of that time and guess what? One of her signature style, the wiggle dress is back in town. Don’t have it yet or you have one lying in the attic? Take it out and sport your Marilyn Monroe look!

Aviator Sunglasses

We are sure that you are all fans of Aviator Sunglasses. Did you know these are from the 1950s era? Yes, it is of no doubt. In Italy, whether it be in the 50s or today, there is nothing that makes a couple cooler than the same wirerimmed sunglasses with tinted lens.

Head Scarves

Well ladies, there are many ways you can wear your head scarves and sprinkle some vintage charm to your look of the day. Simply select a nice print that you love and there you go – Ready for a casual look.

Cat-Eye Frames

The famous Bollywood star – Priyanka Chopra has recently been seen in a picture after her wedding with Nick Jonas, posing in a Cat-eye frame sunglass. The fashion is back ladies. Take some time out to get your accessories and jewelleries ready.

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Now that you are aware of what is trending, you can start digging in the back of your closet/wardrobe to find the hidden beauties. Take those old items out and sprinkle some polish to make them look brand-new!

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