Hong Kong dedicated server: solutions for it, hosting and consulting

What is a dedicated server and what are its advantages compared to a shared server? There are several possibilities to be exploited according to your needs, but it is good to know the basic differences of both services, to get oriented and choose the best when you decide to kick off your business on the web.

What is a dedicated server?

To understand what a dedicated server is, just think that when you create your own business or website, the “physical space” that will host all the resources of your project is, in general, a computer, which takes care of all the main functions of your web address.

We talk about storage space, RAM, CPU and all the possibilities that each provider provides thanks to its hosting service. From here, we can deduce with logic that a Hong Kong dedicated server is, therefore, a “machine” that focuses on all these aspects concerning your business, without sharing the resources of that server with any other site. For “dedicated”, therefore, we mean ” private”, That is a service reserved exclusively to you and that, for this reason, is characterized by a series of very interesting advantages for your business. Why Hong Kong? It is one of the best city in Asia as well as the most expensive city in China. Hong Kong is well known for its shopping centers and it’s now one of the most attracted city by people all over the world. It is a dream destination for lovers of cutting-edge technology and curious objects, therefore their technology service always up to the mark compared to the other countries.

In addition, the first property that appears in the mind when thinking of a server of this type is precisely that of security : it is immediate, in fact, to reflect on the fact that if there are no connections between different websites or sharing resources for the effectiveness of their functioning, then the attacks of viruses or hackers will be much less fearful and probable, as it will be easier to protect a single activity that rests on a server compared to a lot of traffic coming from different addresses that rely on a single machine.

This would be the case, in fact, of a shared hosting, which provides for a management from a provider, and therefore not autonomous, and for which it is possible to foresee malfunctions caused also by third parties and not simply by our specific site. Even in the case of “down”, in a dedicated service situation, the intervention will be immediate and easier to manage, both by yourself if you have notions of computing or the provider you have entrusted to.

Other features that could make you lean for an Asia dedicated server? Certainly the possibility of being able to customize it according to your needs: we have already known, as in the case of VPS servers, flexibility, and scalability, or the possibility of enlarging or resizing resources in an elastic way: something that, obviously, it is not possible to do with a shared hosting. The plans that are subscribed in case of servers on which multiple addresses are concentrated, in fact, are pre-established and more “rigid”, while with private services everyone can choose and modify according to their needs.

The only drawback, if we want to call it that? The price: shared servers have a lower monthly cost and are certainly suitable in case of startup and little traffic on the website. If, however, we are talking about a project in fast growth and with needs unmanageable by “limited” and hardly malleable resources, then it is advisable to evaluate the choice of the dedicated server in Hong Kong.

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