Web User Experience Tips You Absolutely Need to Know

User experience is a big part of web design today. Users are more sensitive to the experience they have – the way they glide from one page to another – than ever before, which is why designing for the best user experience, or UX, is a must. Even search engines now take UX as one of the metrics they consider when ranking websites.

Some UX tips are well-known and considered to be web design best practices. Things such as adding a consistent and clear navigation menu is the norm. Other web UX approaches are not so obvious, but they are valuable if you are serious about delivering the best experience to your users. We are going to review some of those approaches and tips in this article.

Key Information First

It is always tempting to wow the audience with great visuals and animations. Visual elements do have plenty of stopping power. When used correctly, they can really capture the attention of viewers and persuade them into browsing the rest of the site.

That said, you cannot neglect the power of key messages and information. After all, users visit your site to find information, and the best way to pamper them is by delivering the information they seek as quickly and pleasantly as possible.

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Deliver Joy

A website can be so pleasant to use that you start smiling as you browse through the site like supercasinosites. The same experience is felt by thousands who explore websites they truly like. From a UX design standpoint, that level of joy is the result of good UX.

There are ways you can make your website feel so much better to use. One of the most effective ways is through the use of micro interactions. In simple terms, micro interactions are small animations and tactile feedback that react to the actions of users.

When designing a sign-up form, for instance, adding a focus-in animation to each field is a small thing do to, but it boosts the joy of using that sign-up form substantially. Other micro interactions are just as important to explore.

Function Over Visuals

One last tip to keep in mind when it comes to good UX design is to always put function over visuals. If you need to decide between the two, the former is always the way to go. Sure, you can still add great visuals to a functional site, but you cannot improve a bad site with great visuals; see the difference?

Here’s a simple way to make your site even more functional – make it predictable. Instead of using a custom icon for your main menu, use the standard hamburger icon; users will instantly recognise the hamburger icon and can easily find the menu.

Placement of important elements and other details must be equally predictable to create a familiar feel. When you combine this last tip with the previous two we covered in this article, you will end up with a website that delivers unrivalled user experience at every turn.


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