How Efficient Coding Has Caused the Evolution of Browser Games

In simplest terms, coding is telling a computer what you want it to do. It involves typing step by step commands for computer to follow. Human beings are cleaver but computers are very obedient. When you give them commands, they do exactly as you ask so long as you show them how to do it correctly. Coding has powered the digital world. Every website, computer program, smartphone app, calculator among many others relies on code to operate.

Coding has even become more efficient and game developers have taken advantage of that develop quick loading browser games such as online casinos and those quick and addictive minigames. A slow loading browser game is not only bad for the end user but is also bad for search engines. It also results lower rank in search engines, a factor that translate to less revenue and conversion. In this article, we are going to tell you how coding has become more efficient to allow for quick loading browser games.

Better customization

Coding has become more efficient when it comes to website customization. Unlike the past where coding did not leave space for further updates an additions, growth in this industry has now made it possible for coders to leave a space for updates and addition of new features on websites. This factor is specifically important on gaming websites that requires constant updates and addition of new features. Updates and new features not only helps to improve user experience but also helps to improve browser loading speed.

Clean code

Clean code is a user focused development style that produces a software that are easy to read, write and maintain. Clean code is about recognizing that the audience are not just computers but real humans. Unlike the past when bad coding was the order of the day, web developers have now known the importance of using clean coding. Clean in code is important because coding is not just written once then forgotten.

When code is written, chances are that someone else will work on the code later to improve it. However, another person can only work on the code is he/she understands the code. Clean code are important because they help to reduce the cost of maintenance. It also makes it easy to add new features and fix bugs that may occur. The end result is having a clean website that runs and loads fast. Clean coding has allowed quick loading of browser games.

It helps to reduce page weight

Just like any other website, page weight in gaming websites affects loading performance. Coding has become more efficient and it is now possible to reduce page weight via elimination of unnecessary comments, whitespace as well as move CSS and inline scripts into external files. This helps to improve browse loading speed without the need to do other changes on the page structure. Page weight can also be reduced by eliminating code that accumulates on the website as well as spam comments and unnecessary line breaks all of which is now possible through coding.

It allows easy troubleshooting

Coding has also allowed easy troubleshooting. Coding is done by human beings and sometimes errors can occur. Coding has now become more efficient has made it easy for developer to quickly troubleshoot and fix any problem that may affect the loading speed of gaming website. This was not the case in the past because developers had big challenge when troubleshooting. Nowadays game lovers are able to enjoy quick loading browsers games without any interruption.

It allows control use of plugins

Plugins can be beneficial or harmful to a gaming site depending on how they are utilized. Plugin bloat can significantly reduce browser loading speed by creating too many unnecessary extra files. However, through coding, this problem can be avoided. It is now possible to control plugins whenever possible and only utilize those that are beneficial. Coding has given developers the opportunity to have total control on the use of plugins. It is now possible to delete outdated plugins that can lower browser loading speed of online games.

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