How the internet and smartphones changed the way we call

Do you still remember the days when if you wanted to call anybody you would have to dial the call operator and get you call to switch to another line on the switchboard, just to talk to someone 20km down to road?

Well, I don’t.

Thank goodness for that I can’t image the world where I can’t just pick up my phone, unlock it, select a contact and start speaking. Life must have been so slow and hard back then, maybe which is the reason my elders are so patient with me. Anyway, back to the point, 10 to 20 years ago being able to phone someone was an absolute nightmare and you had to have some money to afford a telephone of any sorts.

The technological advancement that has happened in the last 10 to 20 years has had a profound impact on the world and how we choose to communicate with one another. We no longer have to make use of carrier pidgins’ or telegrams. We can now just pick up our mobile devices and call whoever we want at any time of the day.

Just how much has the world changed today?

With the introduction of an internet that is readily available to the public and smartphones that can access the internet from any place on the globe, we have truly entered the digital age. With the consent presence of technology changing, cellular device companies are constantly in a battle to realise the latest and cutting edge technology out, while companies like NobelCom are always trying to give consumers the best deals.

How has the internet impacted the communications world today?

With the introduction of mobile data platforms and mobile hotspots the world, today now is able to connect to the internet readily. Because of this, we have been introduced to the world of VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, this simply is a method of making calls over an internet connection without having to pay for mobile airtime.

Because of VOIP, many companies have released mobile applications that can be installed on anything from your desktop PC, laptop, smart tablet and even your smartphone. Some of these applications or programs are Skype, NobelApp, WhatsApp Messenger, Steam and much more.

With the smart phones ability to utilise mobile apps like Skype and WhatsApp Messenger, it is becoming increasingly popular for people to install these applications and uses then, as these apps don’t require airtime to function.

If you have any internet connection you can use internet calling apps to contact anybody into the world without having to pay for international calling charges. This is awesome because it works out cheaper for you and the person you are calling.

To summarize what just said, the world to today is a whole new and wonderful place and because of modern day technological advances we are able to connect to anyone anywhere in the world, with just a modern day smartphone and an internet connection.

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