How to Choose the Perfect Web Design Agency for your New Online Business

You are about to finish college and have that dissertation to write (there is a dissertation writing service you should try) before moving on to your new career. It can be alarming and make you anxious. You have the intention of starting your own online business once you finish college. The problem is, with a new online business, comes a website. However, you have no idea how to create a website never mind design one that is professional. So, what are your options? Finda good web designer.  A good web designer will come with an outstanding portfolio, will understand your exact business goals and needs and won’t charge you astronomical charges to get the job done. But, how do you find a good web designing company?

Check Out their Portfolio

This is the obvious first step. Review the designer’s portfolio and past work that they have done to quickly determine if they even fit what you are looking for in a designer and your website. There are many web designers out there and they will not all do the same quality work.

Check Out their Team

How big is their team? You want an agency that has a big enough team to ensure your business is never forgotten.  For instance, are you looking for a flexible agency? Do you prefer a smaller agency or larger? Chances are if you are starting a huge online business and plan on relying heavily on outsourced projects, you might wish to choose a large agency. If you plan on taking a holiday or are out sick, you want an agency that can continue with the web design on their own.

Start With a Small Project

In order to identify an ideal candidate for your web design, start a new developer out on a smaller project first. This project should be non-critical and allow you to observe the candidate in action. This will enable you to take note of their efficiency and if they can deliver. You can see their creativity and if they go above and beyond what is expected of them. You can see how well they communicate delays and issues and work as a team.

Forget Google Front Page Promises

If a web designer is promising you first page on Google, forget them. It is not their job to get your website on the first page and frankly, they should never make promises like this since Google is pretty picky. With the proper coding, SEO, content, design and some consistency, your site will naturally make its way up in the Serps. In other words, gaining organic search engine traffic takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. Plus, it’s through your efforts; not your web designers. If they tell you they can promise first page ranking, they are most likely shady.

It’s important to always do your research when looking for a new web design agency. Jumping on the first one that offers the best price is a mistake and could cost you down the road. This could be in lost income from a poorly designed website.

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