Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a perfect gadget for web developers

As a web developer you are usually chained to your computer, spending most of your time working on different elements of your client’s websites. Up until now, you are probably working from a laptop, but it’s cumbersome to carry around with you when you are on the go.

Well, if you want to get on board with the mobile world and spend less time at your desk, but be just as effective in your work, it might be time to try out the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4. It seems as if this nifty little gadget was perfectly designed for web developers, because it can cope up with anything they can throw at it.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

How can the Surface Pro 4 make your life easier?

Well the first benefit of using the Surface Pro 4 is its portability. It is very lightweight and is really just as light as a tablet, so carrying it around with you is no problem at all. You can take it to client meetings or lunch meetings. Use it to pitch or present to new clients when you meet them at the local coffee shop.

All of this portability doesn’t mean much if there isn’t anything under the hood, but the Surface Pro 4 definitely has enough punch to let you work away from your desk for extended period of time.

This is because it has a 6th Gen Intel processor, 4 GB of Ram (which is expandable) and a 128 GB hard drive (which can also be expanded), as well as an SD card reader, a 12.3” PixelSense touch screen, a detachable keyboard, USB port, Bluetooth, and a HD graphics card.

As you can see, it packs a lot of power in a small package and it even has enough battery power that lasts up to 9 hours of work. Don’t forget that it also operates Windows 10. This gives you the opportunity to work anywhere with an internet connection.

You can even have Photoshop, Outlook, Sublime Text, and multiple browsers open all at the same time, something that a normal tablet finds very difficult to handle. With the Surface Pro 4 you have enough functionality that will completely change the way you work.

So if you have been looking for a powerful and handy gadget that can help you stay at ease doing web development tasks, then the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 available at Harvey Norman is perfect for you.

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