How To Use The Bong

Bongs are a type of product that allows you to try a different smoking experience than a rolled cigarette or a pipe.

Usually the bongs are made of glass or acrylic and have an attractive design. The main difference in smoking a bong compared to the pipe or the rolled cigarette is given by the large amount of air that the room can contain.

To smoke the bong there are passages that must be respected and we wish to provide you with a mini-guide which we hope will help you if it is the first time you use a bong or if you need a brief review.

The first step is to fill the bong with hot water. The procedure is similar to that of the hookah: immerse the stem in 2-3 cm of water. Be careful not to put too much water.

The second step is to fill the brazier with the substance to be smoked. The brazier should be filled almost to the edge. Attention to almost. It should not be filled to the edge because there is a risk of blocking it and preventing air from passing through it.

When we talk about braziers, we mean that cavity that is more or less the size of a spoon and is found most of the time on the side of the bong. In some bongs, the brazier is removable and acts like a valve. This means that the brazier must be removed to release the smoke.

The third step is to place the mouth on the upper part of the chamber (tube). The lips must be inside the edge, not around it!

If your bong has a clutch (the hole on the side of the tube) you have to cover it as you pull. Otherwise you just aspire.

Now it’s time to turn on the substance in the brazier. Using a lighter, heat the substance and suck in your mouth. Pay attention that the lips are on the inner side! As soon as you see that the substance starts to scorch, remove the lighter.

To prevent the substance from being extinguished in the brazier, you must suck it with a certain force until the chamber is filled with smoke.

When you need to take a break while vacuuming, cover the mouthpiece with the palm of your hand before opening the valve.

Hold the smoke in your lungs for a few seconds and then aspirate it completely.

A tip: Add ice to the bong tube. The smoke will be cooled when it passes through it. Some, and we are among them, claim that this procedure makes the smoke fresher and therefore pleasant.

What is the difference between the acrylic bong and the glass bong?

The acrylic bong is less delicate than the glass bong for obvious reasons of material composition.

Acrylic (a particular type of plastic) tends to retain more odors and favors the rise of brown patinas. This is why our advice is to wash it every time you use it.

The glass bong is more delicate but easier to wash, it practically does not retain the smell and if you use ice it keeps the low temperature in the tank much more. In contrast, the acrylic bong tends to give up temperature in less time.

Basically if you use the bong with a certain frequency we recommend the glass bong, while if you use the bong with friends on Saturday night we recommend the acrylic bong.

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