The Top Retro Gaming Consoles

Looking to plunge into some retro gaming action? Don’t have an old games console? Don’t worry! All the big games console companies of the past are crafting new versions of their classic games systems.

Have a glance at revived retro games systems from Sony, Sega, Nintendo and others! We are sure that these retro gaming consoles will bring you a sense of nostalgia.

Sony PlayStation 2

The Sony PlayStation 2 is one of the greatest consoles of all time. It opened the door to gaming for so many people. This special device changed the video game industry when Sony first introduced itself. The PS2’s compatibility with ‘DVD playback’, ‘original PlayStation games’ and ‘developer-friendly kits’ made it the most successful console in existence.

Sony decided that its PS2 console was meant to be an entertainment system. DVDs were huge in the late 1990s. PlayStation 2 brought forward a multimedia system that doubled as a DVD player. It allowed for bigger games, making great series that looked like cinematic masterpieces. These include Grand Theft Auto III, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War and Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3.

Sega Genesis

Once upon a time, Sonic The Hedgehog was more popular than Nintendo’s Mario. Sega Genesis was introduced before the Super Nintendo in 1989. It presented to the world a true home entertainment video game console. In addition, it boasted one of the best controllers ever made and had a wide array of superior sports games.

The console was promoted more towards the big boys. It did not limit itself to pixel graphics found on Sonic The Hedgehog game. What’s amazing? It evolved to cross-platform games such as Mortal Kombat that are known to have high-quality graphics and mature rated content. Simply a gem!

Super Nintendo

The Super Nintendo of 1991 is the best retro gaming console of the 16-bit era. The device faced several rising contenders, like the Sega Genesis. Yet, it stayed on top with its triple-A titles, superb hardware with stereo sound and affordable pricing. With over 725 games in its library, the Super Nintendo was one of the best consoles that came into the market.

Nintendo got an early advantage with third-party creator Capcom due to its business deals and promising history. It went beyond by improving the Super FX chip. It enabled 3D capabilities with titles like Star Fox and Doom. If you want to enjoy the early 90s gaming experience, the Super Nintendo wins hands down.

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