How Your Company’s Employees Can Benefit from Interactive Videocasts

Live video feeds from brands and businesses are rapidly becoming commonplace in our world, as more and more people realize the benefits it can offer when compared to telephone calls and emails. However, few people actually understand how live videocasting can benefit their business or employees, and some people simply have the attitude of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” But this is not ideal, and with such an attitude, you could easily be left behind when competitors take advantage of technologies which you don’t have.

Easy and Convenient Meetings

Meetings are often considered the chore of the office space. They are a part of business that is vital, but not always warmly anticipated. However, these can be made far easier with live video communications, as employees no longer need to move from their office spaces to sit within the same room, and can instead simply discuss important matters from the comfort of their own desk. In fact, your employees can enjoy the convenience of attending meetings from anywhere with an internet connection, including overseas or in other states. This truly does offer sheer convenience and allows for more flexible planning to accommodate all necessary participants. Just remember, as Fast Company shares, that you need to consider the timing of your meeting, so that those who need to be involved aren’t distracted, tired, or interrupted while tending to other parts of your business.

Quick Training or Feedback Sessions

Another excellent benefit that interactive videocasts can offer your employees is hands-on training and feedback. With live video feeds, you can broadcast training exercises and workshops throughout the world, with no need for travelling. In fact, with live training sessions, you don’t even need much space, and most of the training and learning can be done from the desks or office space of those involved. With a live interactive feed, employees can also easily enquire further or ask questions if necessary, which is far more value-adding than the classic instructional videos of the past. Furthermore, with a live video feed, trainers or teachers are capable of giving instant feedback, criticism, or assistance, which helps in two ways. It not only ensures that the trainees grasp a full understanding of what is being taught, but also saves valuable time where employees would typically have to email or contact the trainer telephonically.

Just be sure, as Your Training Edge explains, that each training sessionis thoroughly prepared for, because the last thing you want is for unexpected problems to arise as attendees start arriving. To avoid this, ask your IT experts to help you set every setting (including the volume)to ensure that your training or feedback sessions go smoothly and uninterrupted.

Direct Communications with End-Users

Gleaming insights from typical impersonal research and conducted surveys is often very difficult, since people answer questions and essentially think differently when writing or in controlled environments. This applies in situations such as being within a study group or while taking a survey. However, if you can simply sit and chat with a consumer in a setting where they are comfortable, they will be more likely to open up and reveal how they really feel. This is what makes live interactive videocasting from brands like BlueJeans so valuable for employees within a business who are responsible for brand communications or interactions.


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