Importance to upgrade to Skrill VIP through ewalletvip

Registered members to Skrill using E-wallet VIP have reduced requirements for the VIP levels. Therefore, it is easier for these members to quickly move from one level to another compared to a normal member. In relation to your daily transaction habits, it is likely to save you a lot in reduced fees and benefits. In addition, E-wallet awards its clients with a free Skrill upgrade on the first two levels. Due to this reason, it is more of an advantage for clients to upgrade to skrill VIP through ewalletvip because of their huge offers and the benefits given out.

Skrill VIP Programs

On Skrill Vip, we have two main levels Silver and Gold levels. For E wallet VIP registered clients only require transactions worth; €15,000 for Skrill Silver VIP and €50,000 for Skrill Gold VIP, for each level. In comparison to clients who aren’t registered with E-wallet VIP, they require €5000 has to be transferred to a merchant For Skrill Silver VIP. €15,000 has been transferred to a merchant for Skrill VIP Gold. From this comparison, it is evident that it saves you a lot, and it has fewer requirements when you upgrade to Skrill VIP through ewalletvip making it more of an option.

Something to note is that when you upgrade from one level to another you have to maintain transactions quarterly every year to remain on that level. Quarter 1: January – March, Quarter 2: April – June, Quarter 3: July – September, Quarter 4: October – December. In addition, Silver — Dedicated 24/7 customer support, +1 multi-currency account, and priority bank uploads. Gold — Dedicated 24/7 customer support, +2 multi-currency accounts, and priority bank uploads, and a personal account manager. Diamond — Dedicated 24/7 customer support, +3 multi-currency accounts, and priority bank uploads, and a personal account manager are the benefits. You also have rewards given on every level.


The Skrill e-wallet is a great place for regular clients who do online transactions as often in a day. Considering the innovation of new products such as Skrill 1- tap and prepaid Skrill Mastercard provides a great and efficient way of transaction. Since 1-tap is a mobile app that allows a client to make deposits and withdrawals from online platforms. Moreover, it allows clients to be able to do transactions from their mobile phones. On the other side, a prepaid Skrill Mastercard is a physical debit card that is connected to Skrill E-wallet that allows any transactions on any online platform.

Due to the so many benefits offered by Skrill, it makes this a favorite place for online transactions. This is because of their low transaction prices and their offer of various levels in the VIP program. Thus anyone who is often an online gambler or does a lot of online transactions this program can be of huge benefit. Also, it provides cheaper and easier ways for a client to access their wallet and do their transactions. It is not only easy to access the wallet and easy to use but it is also very secure and helps save more. Apply today!

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