Makita 18v planer – a tool for efficient woodwork

For efficient woodwork during renovation or construction, specialists and amateurs use special appliances — planers (for example, high-tech Makita 18V planer). This power tool can easily process the hardest boards. It gives the material a smooth and pleasant surface, so even the rough wood can look like a work of art. Therefore, Makita 18V cordless planer is so popular. Such power tools are suitable for both professional and home use.

Makita 18V Planers Review

Makita planers can work with very thick wood. To do this, they are equipped with a 170 mm knife drum, which makes the wood work even faster and better. Makita models work at high facilities — from 16 thousand rpm (revolutions per minute), which allows you to cope with a dense object very quickly.

A part of the power tools of the Japanese company is represented in the amateur segment. However, due to the high functionality, comfortable construction, and design — more and more experts choose Makita brushless cordless planer for large building and finishing projects.

Power, Reliability, and Functionality of Makita 18V planers

Makita 18V planers, presented on the website, have solid construction. It makes them the most comfortable and reliable when working with lumber. Concerning protection, the Makita battery planer is considered the safest device in the class of household and professional tools.

Makita cordless planer has a comfortable energy-intensive handle with rubber inserts. First, it reduces the vibration, and second — the amount of effort. In addition, thanks to the specially developed cooling system, these planers do not overheat during long-term operation. The surface treated with this planer becomes perfectly smooth and glossy. These tools are equipped with a stabilizer, which eliminates the appearance of roughness on objects.

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