Is Wired Internet Access Always the Best Option?

As wireless technology is pushed more and more actively upon us, some people have started to question its long-term potential due to its current state. And while it’s true that wireless can be a bit unreliable in some situations right now, especially when talking about mobile solutions like 3G and LTE, it’s sometimes the most appropriate option in terms of expenses involved when there is nothing else available in that particular area.

Sometimes, it’s simply logistically unfeasible to run a wired connection to a specific location, and in those cases, it’s good to know what your options are and what type of Internet coverage will work best for your area.


A wired connection is almost always the best option when the location allows for it, and it’s not hard to recognize the benefits. You will often get unlimited data and other great extras that are normally very expensive on most wireless contracts, and speaking of price, wired access tends to be the cheapest option in many cases.

However, it can also tie you down to a specific place if you don’t want to run an additional wireless router, and this is not always ideal when you want to do some work on the go.


A satellite connection has the benefit of working pretty much everywhere in the world, but the benefits more or less end there. Other than its great accessibility, you won’t get too much out of a satellite contract. You’ll have to deal with constant reliability issues, and your speeds won’t be very impressive at all. On top of that, satellite access can be prohibitively expensive in some areas.

But, when you have no other option, this can still work in terms of providing you with a reliable access point that can fulfill the requirements of your daily work.


Mobile access is becoming more and more accessible, and while the coverage is great in most cases, the speeds and prices usually aren’t. You’ll typically be very restricted in what you can do online, and streaming videos every day is pretty much out of the question unless you want to pay hundreds.

Some mobile providers tend to be restrictive in what kind of content you can access on their networks too, so you may find the situation to be very unfavorable if you want to do some regular browsing on a daily basis.

Fixed Wireless

Last but not least, fixed wireless is a great option if you want to combine the flexibility of a wireless connection with the reliability of a wired one. It may not always work depending on where you need it, but if you live in a suitable area covered by a good internet provider, you should find fixed wireless to be the best alternative to other wireless solutions.

Prices tend to be very good on this market too, so you shouldn’t have to worry about spending too much money on your investment, while you’ll be able to enjoy your strong connection for a very long time in the near future. There are some great predictions for the development of fixed wireless services, and it will be interesting to see if they play out.

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