Trade Show Booth Display Design Tips To Increase Engagement

When a company participates in a trade show every single detail is important for the design of the booth. The first time exhibitor usually tends to make various mistakes that automatically limit the engagement that is gained. You go to such an event because you are interested in promoting your brands, products and services. Because of this, you do want to consider the following design tips.

Brand Everything

No matter how large or small the booth is, you want to be sure that branding is on point. Consistency is key for the entire booth. Even the portable trade show displays you might use in other parts of the trade show have to be consistent. Think about different items you are going to have at the event. Be sure everything is branded and when you exhibit anything, the brand’s theme should be consistent across all the design materials, ranging from images and banners to the freebies you are handing out.

Be Clear About What The Company Does

Remember the fact that many of the people that visit your booth know nothing about you. If your company is not renowned around the world, like Microsoft or Google, you want to highlight exactly why people should care. A great idea to do so is to have a large banner that states what you do. This may not seem as being smart in terms of design but it is effective and at such an event you are mostly interested in engagement. At the same time, when you are clear about what the company does you only get people that want to learn more.

Try To Stand Out

Standing out of the crowd is a necessity since many companies will have a booth at the trade show. A great way to do this is to use a bold, strong color. In many cases we see companies opting for white, gray or blue. If most booths are branded in these colors and you stand out by using bright orange, people take notice. In addition to booth design, make sure you design some bold flyers that will be aligned with your colors and messaging, as well. Obviously, you need to take branding into account. If you cannot go for a bold color, having people move around and invite people to the booth is a safe option. However, bold design is normally what attracts most interested people.

Stop Being Serious

Industry trade shows are normally boring and repetitive. People see the same things over and over and nothing fun is present. You just have a few seconds to catch the attention of people so why not do all that you can to show that the brand is playful instead of serious. Think about what stands out at trade shows. Is it the booth with one person and a laptop or the one that has an air hockey table right in front? Turning the product into a game is something you want to think about as this is highly engaging for a trade show.

As a final thought, it is a good idea to stop taking yourself so serious because people that come at these events are already ready to talk to you. They are much more likely to engage with the fun brands.

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