Multifunction Printer: Which is better to buy?

A multifunction printer tries to serve in many ways: people who need a little of everything without specializing in one area. Keep in mind that if you want to handle more than a few hundred pages per month, whether in print, scan or copy and then it might be best for you to look at an individual peripheral.

Best in value for money: It is the most balanced in all aspects of quality printing that does not leave indifferent and can handle quite high volumes.

The most professional for high volumes: It cost higher price with WiFi but designed for heavy tasks daily, with extra features and equally intuitive for the office.

If you are here thinking of that you need to buy a multifunction printer for your office then, Konica’s range of multifunction printers have a perfect combination with your Instant Ink program in which you can save a lot in ink.

Cost and savings

In general, we can say that we have named it the “best printer” because multifunction printer in quality-price for everything that offers at a reduced price both maintenance and initially in the purchase. While it is true that it does not stand out much above the others, but does very well its work.

Usability and connectivity

After connecting the multifunction printer, you can install it on Windows and Mac system with the help of the installation CD. The process is quite simple, and only with this step, all the functions have worked without problems in any of the operating systems.

Multifunction printer has a screen that makes it very comfortable to use and with better features than the other printers do. The controls are responsive, and the menu options are clear.

The multifunction printer also shines with its document feeder, which like its class can feed up to 50 sheets of paper. Even better, the mechanism has automatic double-sided printing. This means it lets you scan, copy and fax two-sided documents without having to intervene manually. As expected on such a device, it supports the most common sizes and does its job with the main tray, which has some adjustable guides to accommodate all shapes and sizes of papers.

As Wi-Fi connectivity is important to most users, it has multifunctional support for many different printing standards, including AirPrint, Bonjour, Android Print, HP Wireless Direct and Google Cloud Print.

Maintaining a multifunction printer

Most printers, including multi-functionality, require a little maintenance if you use them routinely, as the heads release ink if necessary. In contrast, if you do not print frequently, you may need to use the software that comes to you, where there are options that end up misusing more ink.

Some advanced technologies monitor the printer for diagnosing and fix the problems such as ink jams while printing. An advantage in ink programs that the wasted ink does not have the cost.

Should you buy a multifunction printer?

No doubt buying one of these represents the simplest, compact and responsive system of having all those features without having to buy a peripheral from each particular area. The fact of scanning goes quite well and there are fewer and fewer consumers who want to buy a separate scanner. Much multi-functional have a flat scanning platform, which works well for faxing, copying and document scanning.

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