Web Design with Adobe Muse


The Workflow

Designing a website with Adobe Muse…

Muse (code name) by Adobe is graphic-based web design tool. Contrary to traditional design tools, Muse requires almost zero programming knowledge and it takes only minutes to have an official website on the Internet. The program itself comes with a handful of pre-made widgets such as photo slide-shows, tool tips, and menu bars. In my opinion, it has been the greatest web design discovery I have made thus far. In the event that you do want to incorporate some custom HTML or other code, Muse provides an arbitrary HTML object to make it all possible. My opinion of this program is that it’s very easy to use, has a lot of capability and saves me a ton of time.Continue reading →

Web Design With A Difference

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Web Design – A New Way Of Doing Things

The world of web design is changing. Gone are the days when a web designer could simply produce a web site for you and then walk away. Clients who want a website for their business are not looking to be web masters. They want a web design that simply works to let people know that their services exist and hopefully generate new clients.

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5 Things a Designer Needs to Know Before Designing a Professional Logo for Your Blog

Logo Design


A logo is a lot more than just a mark. When you visit a new blog, one of the first things that catch your eye is its logo. When you find the logo attractive, you want to stop and spend some time on the blog. Many people are greatly influenced by what a blog’s logo looks like. The design of a logo is of high significance, as it represents your blog to the visitor, builds your blog’s identity and inspires trust. In order to earn your blog instant recognition, having a professionally designed logo is a must.Continue reading →

Three digital technologies that businesses need to know about

Most small business owners are becoming increasingly aware of digital business and marketing, and what it means for their own enterprise. However, in such a rapidly changing world, it can be hard to keep abreast of so many changes! We take a look at some of the biggest digital technologies and applications that are currently being talked about within the world of SMEs, and what they can offer to you.Continue reading →

Should Small Businesses Outsource Social Media Management?

Money management is paramount for the success of any small business out there, no matter the domain of activity. You want to be sure that you are going to control finances. This is a lot more difficult than you may think. Combine this with the fact that having a social media presence is a necessity for every single company and it is easy to understand why you need to be extremely careful with all choices made.Continue reading →

What to Include on an Auto Repair Shop Website

Many auto repair shop owners think that they have no business being online. After all, car repairs can’t be done over the internet! However, if you’re thinking of starting an auto repair shop or are looking for new ways to bring in more customers, going online is just what you need. Having a good online presence isn’t exclusive to worldwide corporations – it can be highly beneficial to small, local businesses too! To make sure that you get the best results possible from your auto repair shop website, we’ve listed some of the essentials that you should include.Continue reading →

What Should You Consider When You Choose A Policy For No Exam Life Insurance?

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Every single person in the world can benefit from life insurance. This includes the person that brings in the highest income in the family, the elderly, singles, married people and youngsters. Choosing between medically underwritten insurance and the no exam life insurance is something that is necessary. The insurance providers that offer the no exam option will learn info about the health of the client from different sources like the MIB (Medical Information Bureau) instead of requiring a specific medical exam.Continue reading →

Tools and Products Every Website Developer Should Know About

Today’s website developers have to have a range of skills to meet the needs of their clients. These skills range from analysis all the way to graphic design skills. This means you have to be able to work efficiently at each different type of task. Thankfully, it’s much easier to do this now because of the latest developments online. A wide range of useful tools and products are available to access online or download to your computer. These are the main types of tools and products that are helping website developers today.Continue reading →