Tools and Products Every Website Developer Should Know About

Today’s website developers have to have a range of skills to meet the needs of their clients. These skills range from analysis all the way to graphic design skills. This means you have to be able to work efficiently at each different type of task. Thankfully, it’s much easier to do this now because of the latest developments online. A wide range of useful tools and products are available to access online or download to your computer. These are the main types of tools and products that are helping website developers today.

Tools and Products Every Website Developer Should Know About

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Webmaster Tools

The website traffic coming to a website is an important concern for many website designers, especially if your organisation doesn’t have an internet marketing expert. You need to be able to track the events taking place on your website and analyse this information. For example, if you use a website analytics system, it displays different information about the people visiting a particular website. These details include their location, device they used and how they found the website. This information can then be downloaded in .CSV format and opened in an Excel spreadsheet.

Content Management Systems (CMS’s)

Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla have made the lives of website developers much easier in recent years. These open source systems are easier to setup and manage then previous website design technologies and products. They can be easily customised to suit the needs of a website owner and most of the frameworks for these systems are free to install.

CMS systems have become extremely versatile too. For example, WordPress users can easily change the look and feel of their website using a range of free and premium themes. The functionality can also be modified to suit specific requirement using add-ons or plugins. These additions make a website more secure, easier to find and easier to manage.

Graphic Design Packages and Tools

There are times when you may need to put your graphic design skills to the test. Website designers have a wide range of graphic design tools to choose from. These graphic design tools and products include paid and free tools and products which are available from various providers. For basic graphic design work, a range of online tools and generators are also available.

Finally, there are times when you will want all the colours in a website interface to match up and be a particular colour. If you’re not sure what colour different areas of a website are, you can use colour pickers which allow you to hover over a particular area of a website to determine its exact colour.

The online world continues to evolve and change. This means individuals and businesses servicing online industries have to adapt. Website developers in particular have to keep up with the latest developments and be aware of the tools and products available that will help them carry out their role more efficiently and to a higher standard. You can achieve this by using the tools and products mentioned above.

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